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Case Studies

All the lofty claims in the world don’t mean anything if they’re not substantiated. LunaMetrics has a long history of success in all of our specialties, as you’ll see in the following case studies.

Google Analytics Premium Case Studies

rooms to go case study

Rooms To Go is America’s #1 independent furniture retailer with the nation’s largest furniture inventory. Rooms To Go introduced the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings. Designers coordinate each room’s colors, fabrics, and accessories to the last detail, so customers don’t have to.

In offering complete rooms for sale, it’s important to be able to give customers easy ways to choose the options they need to best furnish their spaces. The options need to be flexible, yet simple and easy to understand. The Rooms To Go and Rooms To Go Kids websites offer several variations of room packages and add-on options to get just the pieces a customer needs for their room. LunaMetrics’ goal was to answer this question: what can we learn about what customers choose to buy, and can we use that information to make it as easy as possible for customers to get packages customized for them?

As a Google Analytics Premium customer, Rooms To Go was well positioned to answer these questions. Working with LunaMetrics, the integration of Google Analytics with BigQuery allowed them to extract data about which items were purchased in the ecommerce transactions on their site. “BigQuery allowed us to extract and organize large quantities of raw, visitor-level data from Google Analytics to use in this analysis,” says Jonathan Weber, Data Evangelist at LunaMetrics. Statistical data mining techniques were applied to the data using R, a statistical programming language, to find products that were often purchased together.

This analysis revealed a number of findings about how customers combine products in a room. It allowed Rooms To Go to find correspondences between products in order to offer expanded functionality for customers to add accessory products (such as a non-slip rug pad with a rug) or coordinating pieces (such as extra dining chairs in a dining room or extra side tables in a living room). These data-driven options work in concert with the Rooms To Go tradition of experienced designers and knowledgeable sales associates to give online customers an easy, convenient way to assemble stylish, coordinating rooms.

Google Analytics Case Studies

Through customization of Google Analytics’ powerful features, LunaMetrics helped the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program understand the global reach of their grantees and the impact of their work

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation logo
• Measure the web analytics of selected funded organizations
• Provide organizations with data to optimize performance of their websites

“LunaMetrics taught us to understand performance on the web. Their work has changed the way we look at the OER websites and how users of open educational resources interact with them.” – Kathy Nicholson, Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation

• A single summary account to view an aggregate of all web analytics , but also separate accounts for each individual website
• Use multiple Google Analytics tracking codes on each website
• Use the Google Analytics API and Custom Reports to reveal key insights

Review the full case study here: Hewlett Foundation Google Analytics Case Study

• Reliable measurement for funded organizations
• Archive of reliable, benchmarked performance data
• State-of-the art websites that help improve education for all

By tailoring the features of Google Analytics, LunaMetrics helped PBS increase both conversions & visits by 30%

PBS Logo
• Have a single place to monitor the web performance of all PBS properties
• Allow the producers of each TV program to only see their program’s web performance
• Track key site elements, such as registrations and video views

“Google Analytics and LunaMetrics jumpstarted our transition to a decentralized approach to analytics that better serves the distributed network of stakeholders at PBS.” – Amy Sample, Web Analytics Director, PBS


• Use two account codes: one for the entire website, and one customized for each producer
• Use advanced features, such as event tracking, to monitor video views
• Set up goals and funnels to monitor registrations

Review the full case study here: PBS Google Analytics Case Study

• Drove a 30% increase in traffic
• Boosted registered users by over 30% by improving the registration process
• Created two new video portals thanks to clear understanding of video consumption


Through Strong Analysis & User Testing, LunaMetrics Increased Databazaar’s Conversion Rate by 43%

When Databazaar, an Internet 100 retail, came to LunaMetrics, they were dying to figure out how they could increase their (already awesome) conversion rate.

LunaMetrics worked with the Databazaar IT team to configure the company’s Google Analytics, and followed that with a strong analysis of the data.

“We not only figured out what we were doing right (and doing wrong), but we were able to improve our site based on their analysis.” – Oney Seal, CEO, DataBazaar

The analysis showed that one medium was doing fabulously. However, creation of various profiles, segmented by medium, revealed that the drop off rate through the shopping cart was nearly identical. So the cart itself was not broken — the challenge was to get the customer coming from other media to put something into the cart.

Based on the results of the GA analysis, we used Google Website Optimizer to test various ways of giving Databazaar’s various customers the option of choosing different products. The “winner” had a conversion rate that was 43% better than the old version. The process, from Google Analytics analysis through Website Optimizer completion, took about three months.

Search Engine Optimization Case Studies

Maxim Case Study

One important component of SEO is choosing your battles. LunaMetrics helped Maxim target and surpass lateral competitors and searches for points of weakness among industry leaders. Maxim was also able to consolidate nearly 1 million pages, and increase organic traffic by 93%.

“LunaMetrics worked with our IT and editorial teams to resolve technical limitations, optimize existing content and maximize the reach of new content and campaigns. I’m proud of the work our teams did together.” – Michael Le Du – CTO – Maxim Magazine

• Rise above the industry noise
• Increase online authority to reflect the offline brand recognition
• Increase search engine traffic following a site redesign

• Work with editorial team to maximize content reach
• Resolve outstanding technical limitations
• Optimize existing content for search

• 93.74% increase in organic search traffic
• Domain consolidation of nearly 1 million pages
• Strong gains in non-branded traffic


Increased Thermaxx’s Organic Visits by 237%

LunaMetrics first started working with Thermaxx Jackets in September 2008, when the company first started as Thermal Flex Insulation. After building a solid SEO foundation for the Thermal Flex Insulation website, the company rebranded itself as Thermaxx Jackets. This resulted in the creation of a new website, including a new domain name.

“When I first started working with LunaMetrics, I never thought we’d still be having our weekly calls three years later. It was obvious that I needed to bring them on board when I went to Thermaxx Jackets. They’ve continued to improve our traffic and sales leads. Thank you, LunaMetrics, for being so dependable!” – Brian Bannon, COO, Thermaxx Jackets

LunaMetrics worked with Thermaxx and their new web designers to incorporate as much of the previous SEO work as possible. This resulted in very little lost traffic during the change, and continuing increases ever since. The number of visits from search engines increased 237% year-over-year.

Part of the SEO work included content creation. For Thermaxx Jackets, expert articles were created on various topics in their industry. Along with helping their link building efforts, these articles also bring in non-branded search visits that convert into sales leads.


Increase RedZone’s organic visits by 182%

RedZone came to LunaMetrics with two SEO problems. Like most companies, they wanted to come up higher in the search engines. But their second problem was a unique one: They tended to rank for terms that reflected their old, hazardous environment strategy, but needed to rank for their sewer pipe strategy.

“We had no idea how to start and SEO campaign ourselves. Initially, our goal was to ensure our marketing budgets translated quickly into new leads and sales. Robbin and her team were very effective in guiding our online strategy to accomplish that goal.” – Eric Close, CEO, RedZone Robotics

Twelve months after starting our SEO work with RedZone, we found that the searches which resulted in an organic click to RedZone were up by 182%. Most of our important keywords are on page one of Google. And best of all, RedZone is now showing up for keywords related to their current business, and not to the technology that got them started fifteen years ago.


Doubled visits to the Eat ‘n Park Website

Eat ‘n Park, a large chain of family restaurants, wanted to increase the visibility of their site in the search engines.

The Eat ‘n Park team was already pretty good with websites, and had an excellent, outsourced interactive staff to handle their needs. So instead of actually walking the company through the process, LunaMetrics chose to do a search engine optimization audit. The audit explained exactly what kind of problems that Eat ‘n Park faced, be they architectural, canonical, links or just pictures (when they needed text instead.)

A year later, Eat ‘n Park had doubled their number of daily visits, which were already in the five digits. It has been a real success for Adam Golomb, Director of Marketing, and his team.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies


Impressions and audience sized more than doubled across Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare for Penn Mac

PennMac Logo
• Streamline Penn Mac’s presence across the social web
• Increase impressions, engagement and overall brand awareness
• Track metrics focused around social interactions

“As the project began to unfold, I noticed how quickly our fans and followers began to share with us across our social accounts. Before you knew it, the engagement was through the roof and my boss could not have been happier.” – Leslie Stauffer, Marketing Director, Pennsylvania Macaroni Company


• Branded and optimized experience across all Penn Mac social properties
• Created and collated conversation driving content for Twitter and Facebook
• Monitor brand mentions and joined in existing conversations about Penn Mac

• Drove a 2832% increase in Post Feedback on Facebook, doubled audience within a year
• Increased Twitter following by 120%, total mentions by 60% and retweet reach by 50%
• Created and posted tips on PennMac’s Foursquare Page for increased brand reach on mobile phones
• Mentioned in Social Media Examiner, the Wildfire App blog and Fluxe Digital Marketing for having noteworthy Facebook strategy

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