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Pittsburgh SEO, SEM, & Analytics Careers

LunaMetrics is Hiring!

Our dynamic, fast-moving Internet marketing firm is on the prowl for talent. If you’re passionate and excited about the web industry and geek out about SEO, PPC, or Analytics every day, there’s a really good home for you here.

The LunaMetrics Team

Current Positions

What kind of place is LunaMetrics?

Frankly, LunaMetrics is a great place to work. Located centrally in Pittsburgh’s South Side, just steps from Carson Street and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail System, we’re an easy commute from the surrounding area. We have a tightly-knit team of talented, driven individuals, many of whom are industry leaders in the field. If you are committed to Internet marketing as a career, you’d fit in great here. We’re genuinely passionate about what we do. We’re life-long learners, and our continuing education initiatives back this up in a very real way. Each employee gets to attend national conferences every year, and keeping up with industry blogs is not only expected, it’s required.

We think it’s the best of both worlds. We have a small company, startup-like culture which offers maximum personal freedoms and flexibility along with the ability to be agile. On the other hand, we work with large companies in a variety of industries from E-Commerce to Non-Profits, which gives a great variety to the work day and a large range of experience. There is a lot of inter-office banter during the day (open floor plan leads to great conversations). It’s usually industry-specific but not always. On any given day we are as likely to be discussing the latest Google algorithms as we are watching funny videos on YouTube. However, we always get the work done and meet our deadlines.