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Should You Hire LunaMetrics? (A letter from the founder)

Hi Everyone —

We get calls every day asking about our services. At some point before we hang up, the caller often says, “Tell us why we should use your company.” And you know, it’s a great question. There are a lot of consulting companies, so how does someone know which one will work best for them? One size doesn’t fit all, and we aren’t necessarily the right company for you.

Why Use LunaMetrics?

  • We have strong expertise in our area. Yes, everyone says this. That’s why we have case studies, so that you can see some of our successes. We’ve written well-known workarounds for Google Analytics. Continuing education is a big deal here: our people dedicate part of every day to learning more about their fields (so that you don’t have to.)
  • We have tight relationships with Google Analytics — we are among the first to know about new functionality (enabling us to scope your project well). It means that we have a mechanism to ask for certain “allowable” favors from GA. And it means that we have access to knowledge that all the Google Analytic Consultants share among themselves.

“But Robbin,” the caller sometimes asks, “What makes your company different from the other Google Analytic Consultants?”

  • I think we have incredible customer service. My last company was a B2C company, and the average order size was $35. When you deal with the public like that, your customer service has to be out of this world. Customer service then became part of the culture here at LunaMetrics, too. I know that having a team of people here who enjoy giving great service helps a whole lot, too.

To you, great service will mean that we are available around the clock, we’ll move around our schedules to meet your needs, we answer contact requests within one business day (and often, within minutes.) It also means that we won’t take your project if we don’t think we’re right for it …

How Could I Possibly Argue Not to Use LunaMetrics?

There are potential customers for whom we just aren’t the right choice. Here are some examples:

  • Those who just want a quick, inexpensive fix. I hear this a lot: “Can’t I just spend $1000 and turn my .03% conversion rate into a 2.5% conversion rate?”
  • Those who are ready and willing to spend money on SEO, but for whom ranking well is a multi-year project. If we don’t think we are going to succeed in a reasonable amount of time with your site, we don’t want you to spend the money.
  • Those who have a problem we can’t fix. Not everything is technically possible, no matter how big one’s wallet or one’s brain.

Or as we wrote elsewhere on this site: We are brutally honest about how much our services can help you and what your expectations should be, even if it means we lose the sale.

I hope that helps you choose a vendor — even if that vendor isn’t us.

Robbin Steif, LunaMetrics