Data Connectors and Data Sources in Data Studio

February 23, 2017


When we talk about Google’s Data Studio, data connectors, data sources and data sets, that’s a whole lot of ‘data’ to be throwing around and it can cause some confusion. Since these are the fundamental and only ways to get information into your reports, short of copy-and-pasting (please don’t do this), it’s worth having a solid […]

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Making Your Case with Conversion Rate Optimization

February 21, 2017


People who know me, know I like to argue points. Good points, bad points, absurd points, it doesn’t matter. If there is an argument to be had, I’ll make my case. Theoretical arguments are the best though. They often lack data and rely heavily on the ability to form a logical thought and speak confidently. […]

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Tracking Very Large Transactions with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

February 16, 2017


Google Analytics will allow you to send 8192 bytes of data with a single request. By default, it will switch from a GET request to a POST request once you’ve crossed a threshold of about 2000 bytes, which is where certain browsers begin to get upset with the length of the GET’s query string. However, […]

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Why Is My Google AdWords Bid So High?

February 14, 2017


We’ve all been there. We’ve crunched the numbers, made sacrifices to the PPC gods, consulted our Magic 8 Balls and determined the perfect bid for each one of our keywords. Enough to be competitive in our auctions, but not so much we’re bankrupting the company and rummaging through couch cushions to cover our AdWords payments. But when […]

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Find Internal Links with Campaign Parameters with Screaming Frog

February 10, 2017


Campaign tracking is a great way to keep track of how much traffic you are sending to your website from external sources (Facebook posts, referral sites, etc.). With Campaign tracking, we append a few query parameters to URLs that point to our website. Those parameters tell Google Analytics information about where that link was posted. […]

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Get The Most Value From Facebook Interest Targeting

February 7, 2017

Facebook Interest Targeting

Facebook is a very attractive advertising platform for marketers. With tons of data collected from roughly 1.7 billion active users, Facebook should be able to target us pretty well with all the dirt they’ve collected on us, right? Facebook relies on information from our Timelines, keywords from Pages that we like, apps that we use, […]

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Google Announces Free, Unlimited Data Studio Reports

February 2, 2017

Google Data Studio Unlimited Reports

We’re about to drop some big, real, news that will affect every person reading this blog (assuming you’ve used Google Analytics at some point). If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited… Data Studio is Free-er! You may have been following our Data Studio posts, announcements, and report templates. You’ve hopefully been trying it out and loving the […]

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How To Fix: BigQuery Data Set Too Big to Download

February 1, 2017


There are many different quirks to BigQuery that can be frustrating if you don’t know the solution. Check out this post and this other post by some awesome coworkers to know more about getting started with BigQuery. For an example of one of those quirks, click here. Downloading Big Big Query Data Sets One problem […]

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Marketers: Install Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Site in 4 Minutes

January 26, 2017


50% of the top million websites use Google Tag Manager, the incredibly powerful analytics/marketing tool that quickly deploys tagging across your website. Want to do Facebook remarketing? Subscribing to HubSpot, Pardot or another marketing automation service? Need to add an AdWords conversion tag? So many actions marketers take require additional tracking code to be placed […]

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Definitions for Common Digital Marketing Acronyms and Terms

January 19, 2017


There are many terms, acronyms, and initialisms that are used in the analytics community and they aren’t always easy to keep track of, especially if you are new to this field. Being in the business, we use these terms regularly, so phrases common to us may not be common to others. Because of this, it […]

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