How to Answer the Toughest PPC Questions

August 31, 2015


We get some really tough questions from time to time… Can you reduce our cost-per-acquisition by one hundred percent? Can we spend one million dollars next fiscal year and expect to improve our results? We need results by next month, can you accomplish this task? Can you do all of these things simultaneously? These are […]

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Free AJAX Event Listener for Google Tag Manager

August 27, 2015

AJAX Event Listener in GTM Debug Panel

Our blog posts are frequently borne out of the experiences we have working with clients or on our own website. Often we’ll create a tool and think to ourselves, could others benefit from this? We created this AJAX listener for Google Tag Manager to help monitor completed requests and then fire tags appropriately, and we […]

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How to Import a Container Into Google Tag Manager

August 26, 2015

Shipping Containers

Today we’re highlighting one of Google Tag Manager’s less talked about features – importing a container, which we mentioned in last year’s post about Google Tag Manager’s new look. This tool helps us manage multiple containers, make bulk changes, and import specific tags, triggers, and variables created by others. We’ve broken down the process into […]

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Essential Guide to Testing AdWords Ad Copy – Part 2

August 24, 2015


In the last post, we went over how to set up your AdWords copy tests and reviewed common variables for testing. If you missed it, get caught up here. Now, we’ll go over how to end your tests and measure your results. When testing ad copy, we emphasize click-through-rate (CTR) over conversion rate. Ad copy […]

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Using YouTube Analytics to Optimize Videos

August 18, 2015


When people think of search engines they always think of the big ones: Google, Bing and Yahoo! But there is one that is oftentimes overlooked. That website is YouTube, which is the second largest search engine on the Internet with over 3 billion searches per month according to Mushroom Networks infographic. YouTube makes it easy […]

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User-ID: Measuring Real Users Instead of Devices

August 13, 2015


When Universal Analytics was released by Google, it marked a fundamental shift in the way we analyze our data – by truly enabling us to focus on users instead of visits. A key aspect of this shift to a user-oriented perspective on data is the ability to track cross-device behavior for individuals. Real individuals – […]

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Improve Your Time on Site Metrics with Google Tag Manager

August 12, 2015

Clock image representing time on Site Metrics

Engaged Minutes as a metric has increased in prominence particularly with content publishers of late. It’s not the be all end all, but understanding not just how many pages people visit, but how long they spend on those pages is important. Luckily Google Tag Manager makes it really easy to get a clearer idea of […]

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How to Report Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

August 10, 2015


By now, reporting with custom dimensions is second nature for many of you. But for those who are new to Google Analytics, or who recently upgraded to Universal Analytics, we thought it was time to update our original post on how to access custom dimensions. Read on for three ways to build reports with custom […]

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Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics – Why Clicks Don’t Match Sessions

August 5, 2015


Several members of the SEO community have called the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) inaccurate, largely because the count of clicks does not match the count of sessions in Google Analytics for the source Google and medium organic. Rather than “inaccurate”, it’s really just a matter of trying to compare two completely different things. […]

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Essential Guide to Testing AdWords Ad Copy – Part 1

August 3, 2015


Writing and testing great AdWords ad copy is like running a never-ending science experiment. No matter how many times you optimize your text ads, there is always something you can tweak or test. With so many options for testing, managing ad performance can be overwhelming. Fear not! I’ll walk you through some basic ad testing concepts […]

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