Definitions for Common Digital Marketing Acronyms and Terms

January 19, 2017


There are many terms, acronyms, and initialisms that are used in the analytics community and they aren’t always easy to keep track of, especially if you are new to this field. Being in the business, we use these terms regularly, so phrases common to us may not be common to others. Because of this, it […]

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Four Killer Uses for hitCallback You Need to be Using… RIGHT NOW!

January 12, 2017

Google Analytics Hit Callbacks

Firing tags in Google Tag Manager (GTM) in the correct order can be, at times, difficult. We always want our important tags to fire first, and often we have specific tags that should fire before or after another tag. GTM introduced a feature called Tag firing priority awhile ago, but that just rearranged when tags […]

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Increase Revenue with Strategic Audiences in Google Analytics & Google AdWords

January 10, 2017


Digital Marketing has changed. Where once marketing experience and wishful thinking about ideal customers drove spend, now it’s becoming easier and even standard practice to use your company’s data to enhance marketing decision making. Marketers drill in on specific user behavior, test landing pages, and obsess over Click Through Rate (CTR) and Return On Ad […]

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Auto-Refresh Google Analytics Data from Google Sheets in Tableau 10

January 4, 2017


It’s about time we updated our post about connecting Tableau and Google Analytics via Google Sheets. Tableau announced a new native connector to Google Sheets in 2016, and it’s just as simple as the other native connectors in Tableau. Upgrade to Tableau 10, if you haven’t already, and follow the Google Sheets connector steps here! […]

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Introducing New Workshops for Google Optimize and Google Data Studio

December 20, 2016


As our industry changes and new tools are created, LunaMetrics continually strives to deliver quality education from real-life consultants. We are thrilled to announce two new LunaMetrics courses: a Google Optimize training and a Google Data Studio training. These new products from Google boast attractive interfaces, advanced features, and unprecedented seamless integrations to other Google […]

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Behind the Scenes: Creating a New Training Course

December 20, 2016


Many people ask us how we design our courses and decide what to cover, and to be honest, it’s probably harder than you think! We’ve offered our Google Analytics and Google AdWords courses for many years now and have made drastic changes as new features have been released or retired, the industries have changed, and […]

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Using Google Analytics with Non-Ecommerce Websites

December 15, 2016


During our Google Analytics trainings, attendees often ask us to provide recommendations for objectives and metrics that they should focus on for measurement. With so much data available in Google Analytics and (frequently) limited resources to devote to analysis, what is most important? How can we make our data useful and actionable for everyone? For […]

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Digging Deeper with Attribution Reports in Google AdWords

December 13, 2016


I often joke at our AdWords training seminars that some of the most helpful tools in the interface are tucked away where nobody will find them. When users head for the “Tools” section at the top, most make a beeline for the Keyword Planner or Ad Preview tool. Often, they seem to overlook what I […]

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Major Differences Between Bing Ads and Google AdWords

December 7, 2016


As a digital marketer, it’s so important that we test different advertising platforms for our company and our clients. We need to know which work best for which industries, demographics and, of course, budgets. When I first created a Bing Ads account, I noticed some major differences between Bing Ads and Google AdWords. Hopefully, documenting those […]

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