Are Celebrities The New Experts in Content Strategy?

May 29, 2015


Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara is an actress who is well known for her beauty and comedy, but behind that lovable character is a savvy content strategy shark. Her website,, is a bilingual publisher that follows a model similar to UpWorthy or ViralNova. Interesting, funny, or potentially viral media is found, then Sofia’s writers draft […]

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3 Keys to Auditing or Migrating Any Website

May 27, 2015


Working as a search consultant, I often feel more like a doctor than a marketer. Each interaction generally starts out the same way: make an introduction, ask the client where it hurts, run tests to determine what is really going on, then provide recommendations and support in order fix the problem. While the recommendations are […]

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Ex Machina and the Future of Search

May 26, 2015


I’m a little bit obsessed with Artificial Intelligence lately. From Elon Musk calling it “More dangerous than nukes” to Scarlett Johansson embodying an operating system, AI has been the hot topic of our recent time. Enter Ex Machina; a clever film about robot Ava, a Silicon Valley genius, and the average Joe selected to issue a Turing Test to the […]

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Creative Digital Marketing Is Ok, But Test Everything

May 19, 2015


“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.”-Bill Bernbach You can’t A/B test everything. I’ll just throw that fact out there to start. Some things you’ve got one shot. A cover letter with your resume for that job you really want. You can’t send two cover letters and ask […]

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Target AdWords Competitor Keywords the Right Way

May 13, 2015


Targeting your closest competitors names and brands with your keyword strategy is a commonly employed tactic across Google AdWords accounts. Unfortunately, using competitor names as keywords is typically among the worst performing tactics at our disposal if we are looking to drive traffic and conversions as our goals. Why? Google is very good at identifying […]

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YouTube Tracking In Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

May 11, 2015


My colleague Sayf Sharif has long been an advocate of tracking YouTube videos with Google Analytics. Our LunaMetrics YouTube tracking script has been copied, cloned, forked, and borrowed more than a few times. It’s time to bring our script up to date with the latest changes in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Also, Google […]

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Free Resource Websites: Images, Vectors, Data Visualizations, Colors, Fonts, HTML, & CSS

May 6, 2015


No surprises here – just a list of great free resources! You don’t spend endless hours online without coming across some great websites that the average person wouldn’t find. I have folders and folders of these sites and thought offloading some of them into a blog post would be useful for some. The following resources […]

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Crush the Competition with Strategic AdWords Ad Copy

April 23, 2015


You’ve brainstormed messaging, followed the AdWords guidelines for promotional copy, and carefully counted your characters. Then you launch your campaigns and… crickets. How well did you strategize your ad copy? Did you do a few searches out in the wild and see what you’re up against? It’s not enough anymore to just list your company’s […]

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Leveraging Cookies with Google Tag Manager

April 20, 2015


Google Tag Manager makes it easier than ever to create solutions for session or user-level tracking issues. Storing and retrieving a cookie can be done site-wide in just minutes with the right combination of tags and variables. Before we dig into some use cases, let’s first talk about the history of the cookie.

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