Copying Goals in Google Analytics: Our Firefox Extension

Copying Goals in Google Analytics: Our Firefox Extension

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January 21, 2008

We’ve updated the GoalCopy extension for Firefox – read about the latest updates.

To stay informed of future updates to the GoalCopy Firefox extension, join this email list for a notification of when to update your extension.

Ever need 30 profiles, each with the same 4 goals? Me too. Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t include an easy way to manage goals.

So, here’s the Firefox extension I created to speed up the process of copying goals. We’ll just call it “GoalCopy”.

What it doesGoal Form Fields

The Goal Copy extension records all of the values in a Google Analytics Goal Settings form. You can then navigate to another profile where you want to put that copied goal and paste all of those values into the new form. That way, you can get your goals from one profile to another without all the tedium.

When you install it, it will create a new toolbar with 4 sets of copy/paste buttons. Each set will copy and paste a different goal of your choice. The toolbar can be toggled on/off with View -> Toolbars -> GA GoalCopy

How to use it

1. After installation, navigate your Firefox browser to an existing Google Analytics Goal Settings form.

2. Click one of the four Copy Goal buttons on the Goal Copy toolbar.

GoalCopy Toolbar

3. The name of the Paste Goal button will change to show the name of the goal you copied. If the name of yourGoalCopy Paste Button goal was “Subscribe to Newsletter” then the Paste Goal button will display “Paste: Subscribe to Newsletter”

4. Go to another profile and navigate to a Goal Settings form page where you’d like to use your newly copied goal.

5. Click the Paste button to populate the new goal form with the values from copied goal.

6. Remember to scroll down and click “Save Changes” on the form.

That’s it. You now have your new profile ready to collect goal conversion data.


Buttons are grayed-out when not on a Goal Settings page.

There are 4 Slots to save goals in. Each set of Copy/Paste buttons uses its own slot.

Clicking Copy Goal again overwrites the previously saved goal for that slot.

Goals are saved persistently. Closing your browser does not erase your saved goals.

When clicking from a tab that is still Loading to a Goal Settings tab, the buttons will not re-enable properly from their grayed-out state – just click on a tab that is fully loaded (or blank) and then back to the Goal Settings tab to enable the buttons.

Requires Firefox 2.0.*


Thanks to everyone who provided testing and feedback, including Jason Green here at LunaMetrics, Justin Cutroni at EpikOne, Shawn Purtell at ROI Revolution, and Mike Plummer at POP (sorry for not getting it out earlier that day, Mike).Install Dialog


Open this link in Firefox

Then click Install Now.

Depending on your setup, Firefox may want to download the file instead of installing it directly. Just select “Open With. . .” and choose Firefox from the list of applications.

Alternate Version

If you’re having problems with the toolbar being greyed-out on the ‘Edit Goals’ form page, try this version that never disables the toolbar buttons.

These changes have been incorporated into the latest version and are part of the goalcopy.xpi file.

-John Henson

John is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • Tim Leighton-Boyce

    John, thank you very much for creating this.

    Whenever I’m showing new people how to work with Google Analytics I try to encourage them to feel free to explore new ideas and test out new hunches by creating extra profiles. But the tedious work of duplicating goals and generally sorting out basic configuration is enough to make most novices reluctant to explore in that way.

    I think that what seems to be a purely functional utility may have a knock on effect of encouraging people to do even more in the way of actual analysis.

    Great stuff. Thank you again.


  • Avinash Kaushik

    Sweet! A very valuable service for everyone!

    Now if only I could ask for a small enhancement for future versions: If it notices that you have no goals set up in Google Analytics then it sends the Site Owner a small tiny electric shock, or atleast a guilty pang!

    I am constantly surprised by how few people have goals set up in their Analytics tool, and there is nothing else that can bring focus and value to your analytics exercise like setting proper goals.


  • Daniel Waisberg

    Thanks for that John, it is a really amazing (and very actionable) tool!

  • Justin Cutroni

    Great job John! It’s simple to use and works every time. A fantastic time-saver.


  • John

    Everyone: Thanks for the feedback. It really makes the difference.

    Avinash: Due to legal ramifications I will not be able to implement the kaushikShockTreatment(); function. However, whenever the extension finds a profile without goals, it will now call the sendEmailToAvinash(); function !!

  • Aaron King

    Excellent work John, and THANK YOU!

    This will surely make my life easier as I increase my usage of GA.

    It would be nice to take this project further. I wonder what the Open Source community would think of making a Google Analytics toolbar? The toolbar could have a dual role:

    1. Provide useful tools for managing GA profiles
    – clone profile
    – “record” Goal Path
    – etc

    2. Provide absolute high-level snapshots right in the browser toolbar (# Visits today, # Goals Completed, Bounce Rate, etc etc)

    I probably just gave away someone’s trade secrets. But… if there is support for this, I’m game to get involved in making it happen. Email me!


  • Aaron King

    GAT – Google Analytics Toolbar


  • tom

    The buttons are greyed out on the goals page. Please fix.

    Looking forward to using this useful utility.



  • John


    If this happens to you, try switching to a fully loaded tab, and switching back to the tab with the goal form loaded.

    Sorry about the inconvenience this creates.


  • Duong

    I have a same problem. Buttons are greyed out. I’ve tried switching tabs and it doesnt work. Any other fix?

  • John


    You must be on a Goal Settings page to use the buttons. This is the page that has the form fields into which you enter the URLs for your goal and funnel steps.

    The First and Third images in the post above show this page.

  • Duong

    I am in the Goal Setting page when using your tool, it doesnt work. I can send you the screen shots. I have other firefox plugins, would this conflict?

  • John

    I don’t disbelieve you, Duong.

    Are you using Firefox version 2 or higher? I’m using some functions that are not available in Firefox 1.5.

    You can email me a screenshot at, henson@

  • Awwad

    thanks for the very useful tool, but it doesn’t work with me buttons are grayed,
    I’m using Firefox and using some tool bars (“web developer tool bar”, “Keyword Generator”)
    could those tool bars makes any conflicts.

    finally I’ve tried all the tricks mentioned above but didn’t worked too 🙁

    thanks again.

  • John

    I have added a version of GoalCopy that never disables the toolbar for anyone having problems.

    It is at

  • Duong

    Awesome! It works Great! Thanks for the fix.

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  • Brad

    Thanks for the great extension! A real time saver!!

  • mike


    No idea if this is of any use to you… of anyone else for that matter.
    Would it be possible to create a 2nd part to this toolbar – to create the goal in the first place

    So I can walk through the site’s sales process
    & click a button on each page as I go through

    the toolbar would remember all the URLs, parse out any ireelevant variables AND figure out that the last URL was the thankyou page & make it the target for the goal.

    It would then allow me to paste all those URLs into the Goals page with 1 click & prompt me for a goal value.

    whatdoya think? any use at all? too complicated? only 3 people in the world that would use it?


  • John


    That’s a really interesting idea. It’s certainly possible to capture the URL. Removing the irrelevant parameters would be difficult since that would be so open ended, but with some arbitrary decision making you might get something that would be what you wanted most of the time.

    It wouldn’t work for funnels with regular expressions, or non-URL based steps ofcourse.

    Anyway, I don’t think it is something I’d want to tackle myself, but it’s definitely an interesting problem.

  • Mike Plummer

    Thanks so much for this John. Your tool has already saved me about 10 hours of my life and a year worth of carpal tunnel.

    I guess I can stop bugging Google for the goal manager interface now 🙂


  • John

    Thanks Mike.

    I told people here that it was my aversion to carpal tunnel surgery that was my inspiration.

  • Olivier

    thanks a lot for the tool ! It works great (after installing the alternate version)
    I ow you a lot of time 🙂

  • Christophe

    Excellent FF extension!
    Do you plan on upgrading it for FF 3.0 (GranParadiso)?

  • BJ Wright

    Awesome tool, I just wish I had found this a few months ago 🙁 I did an install and already worth its weight in gold.



  • John


    It should only require updating the maxversion from 2.0.0.* to 3.0.*

    I haven’t seen any changes so far that affect it.

    I probably won’t make that change until everything is final with FF3


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  • Chris Goward

    Nice tool, thanks John.

    Feature request:
    It would be great if it could also copy IP filters!

  • Josh Chambers

    Nice Work! Thanks very much. Super useful. I love finding time savers.

    @Chris Goward: Filters are automatically saved for you in GA. When you click “Add Filter to Profile,” check the radio button that says “Apply Existing Filter” and you will be given a list of previously used filters. Of course, those filters have to exist for that analytics account. Hope that helps.

  • Rebecca

    Yea! It worked! Thanks! I did have to install the “never greyed out version”.

  • André Scholten

    What about Firefox 3.x?

  • John

    I have made a couple changes that should take care of it operating in FF3. I haven’t had time to test it completely. I’ll try to get to that this week, though, and see if I can post an updated .xpi file.

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  • Sharron


    I’m having problems downloading this extension. When I click on the ‘Open this link in Firefox’ above I get a page of….

    Any ideas what the problem is?


  • John

    It may have to do with how your Firefox browser is configured to handle .xpi files.

    Try right clicking on the link and selecting ‘save link as’. Save the file to your computer, then drag the file onto the display area of your Firefox browser. This should prompt you to install the extension.

  • Mike Plummer

    Hey John,

    With the latest version, I’m able to copy goals in firefox 3 but not paste them. Another colleague is able to paste only the top portion of the goal, but not the funnel steps. Perhaps this is related to the inconsistent html problem you mentioned earlier?


  • John

    Try getting the updated ‘international’ version from

    Anders Moller updated it for the HTML that he was pulling in Denmark.

    If that does not work, go to the Goal Form page, and email me the HTML source that you have.

  • John

    Actually, I went ahead and uploaded Anders’ version to the lunametrics site. So you can get it from the link in this post as well.

    Let me know if you still have problems.

  • Simon

    Great add-on !
    Thanks a million : Jesus and I we love you

  • Jonathan Dingman

    Awesome concept, and I would love to use it, but it doesn’t seem to be “pasting” in FF3. Has anyone else had issues with it “pasting” the goals into the blank fields?

  • Jonathan Dingman

    Woops, looks like I was just on the wrong page.

    Might want to update this page with a new link because this page comes up higher in the search results 🙂

  • John Henson


    Can you go to your goal page in GA, in the browser you are trying to use, and Copy and Paste the Source HTML into an email for me?

    You can email it to my last name at


  • Amit ohayon

    This is sweet.
    Thank you so much.

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  • Bfri

    This is really a great extension and can be a huge time saver. 🙂 I just came about a problem that was already mentioned in the comments: Pasting of goals no longer works.

    Thanks to John for the hint to install Firefox Portable on my computer. This allow you to run a fresh FF installation without affecting your previous installation. Then I installed all my extensions and Greasemonkey scripts one by one. Finally I found the extension that does not work together with this extension:

    If this extension is installed (no matter of enabled or disabled) I can no longer paste goals into the Google Analytics goal page. So if you have a similar problem you might want to check if you have the SEO for Firefox extension installed. So I found the problem but haven’t got a solution to run both extensions together. If you know something let me know. 🙂

  • John Henson


    Wow. Huge thanks to you for posting that information.

  • don rodriguez

    I confirmed what Bfri found. When I turn off SEO for Firefox, the pasting of goals works. With Firefox’s ability to restore your sessions, this is not a hassle if you are not creating a lot of separate profiles. For those of you who live on the service side and are creating profiles all the time, I feel your pain.


  • Mike Plummer

    I’ve also confirmed that my problem was due to SEO for Firefox. Glad I checked back in!

  • Bfri

    Don, Mike, thank you for your confirmation. Glad that I could help you, too.

  • Jabi

    Simply perfect, thank you!

  • Niels Koning

    Hi John,

    First of all: Great tool!

    Second: Could you adjust this tool (or know a tool) so we can copy filters from account to account. This isn’t possible atm but we have over 50 accuonts who all need the same filters!



  • John Henson

    A similar method could probably be used to copy filters.

    Alternatively one could use something like iMacros to implement something reasonably quickly. I have used iMacros in the past to do similar things. But not recently.

    With multiple filters on 50 accounts, it may be worth looking into.

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  • Alex

    Thank you so much for this — just saved me a whole pile of time.

    Much appreciated.

  • Patrick

    I learned about this great tool from another blog and I immediately installed it. However, unfortunately it does not seem to work. Could this have to do with the fact that I am using Firefox 3.0?

    Would love to hear when you will release an update of this tool for FireFox 3.0!

  • John Henson


    It does work with FF3.

    If you have SEO for Firefox extension, try disabling it.

    If you don’t have that extension, there may be another conflict with a different extension. You can try disabling other extensions until you find the conflict, or try downloading Firefox Portable. Install Goal Copy into Firefox Portable and use that for Copying Goals.

  • Jen

    Great idea, sadly I only just now came across it and all FF types – both portable and installed are now 3.5.

    Look forward to having and update as it will save me many hours work.


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  • Marc

    When will this extension be upgraded so that it will work again with FF. I badley need it.

  • John

    It should already work.

    I’ve been using it.

    What version of Firefox are you using?

    If you are having problems, try installing it to a earlier version of Firefox Portable. This way, it doesn’t impact your current Firefox installation.

  • Jean-Michel Fontaine

    I have been using copy goals in Google Analytics, and it is a really true life saver. Today, I am configuring various profiles based on the country / language of the visitor, and needs to setup automatic email reports for each of these profiles. Does anyone know about such a firefox plugin, or a greasemonkey script?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jean-Michel Fontaine

  • Nils Berge

    Thanks for a great time-saving extension.
    Can you add it to the Mozilla Add-ons site? –

  • jw

    Great extension, thanks. However is it just me or did Google just this afternoon do an update to the UI of the goal settings page??

  • John

    Over the next 3 weeks they will be rolling out the interface changes in the goals.

    The Goal Copy extension will not work with the new interface, however, I’m going to look into updating it for the new interface if I can. It might be a couple weeks though.


  • Josh

    Hi John,
    A very useful extension, especially now that there are more than four goals. I hope that there’s an update for the new version. Looking forward to using this.


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  • Jens

    In FF 3.5 I encountered the problem that I could copy goals, but not paste them, so I figured it must have something to do with the JavaScript used by the script.

    I changed the function name for the pasting of goals from “doLoad” to “doGCLoad” and it worked. It seems doLoad is a function name used by many extensions which may lead to conflicts.
    Perhaps you could change the function names in further releases to avoid this.

    Now I’m trying to find out why it won’t copy my funnels …

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  • John

    Jens: Thanks, I will make that change.


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  • Mark

    Great tool!

    Are there any plans for making it available in Chrome?


  • Alex

    it’s not compatible with FireFox 3.6 – when will this be supported?

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  • Páginas web Guatemala

    Wowww this tools is very useful! Thanks!!

    This days, i m going to re-design the goals on some websites.

  • Rick

    This tool has been very useful in our work since we heard about it a few months back. Unfortunately, it’s incompatible with Firefox 3.6. Any idea when, and if, an updated version will be released?

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  • Rob

    This GA tool is great. It’s a shame I was doing this manual for so long.

  • John Doe

    I have to try this tool. Looks very useful.

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  • Julie Yeardye

    A great google analytics plug in for copying goals. I am in the middle of creating 40+ profiles in one account, all with five identical goals with regex. This has saved lots of time!
    Thank you

  • Beatrice

    unable to install goal copy on firefox 4.0. any idea why?

    • Robbin

      Beatrice, it will be updated soon

  • Simon Whatley

    Will you be updating Goal Copy for Firefox 4? If not will you put the source code in a public repository like GitHub so that it can be further developed?

    • Robbin

      We *will* be updating it, but probably not for a couple of weeks.

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  • Marketing Online

    Such extensions are great because they help provide a little work, thanks for sharing this good information

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  • Chuck

    FF6 support?

  • Ben Griffiths

    The ‘Required step’ checkbox doesn’t seem to copy. Other than that, great plugin.

  • Michael Harrison

    @Chuck: Try this version. It support FF6.

  • Carl Larson

    Support for Chrome coming soon?

  • Matt Trimmer

    Any plans to make this available for the new version?

    • Robbin Steif

      Hi Matt — yes, but I don’t know the schedule. I wish I knew why Mozilla felt that they had to update every week. I think we started this year at FF3. I suppose it is competition from Chrome…. In any case, it is the constant updating of FF that makes this so hard. Robbin

  • Tom Fox

    Excellent extension.

  • Adrien

    Does this extension still work ? I tried on FF 13.0.1 but it doesn’t seem to work.

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  • autonomy

    hi!,I like your writing very much! share we keep in touch extra about your post
    on AOL? I require a specialist on this area to unravel my problem.
    May be that’s you! Having a look ahead to look you.

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  • Sandeep

    The extension is not working now. Is this because of new dashboard layout of Google Analytics?

    It would be great if you can make a check and let me know. Thanks

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