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The WAA Championship: Your chance to shine as an analyst

waa-championship.jpg Earlier this week (Monday, June 2), the Web Analytics Association started the WAA Championship. The idea behind the championship is for analysts to show their stuff (and have fun.) Everyone gets to evaluate the same site (www.webanalyticsassociation.org) for insight into how we are achieving our goals, how we are enabling visitors and members to achieve their goals, and at the end (later this month), the best analyses will win. The WAA Marketing Committee is giving away real prizes, too — I know that the first prize is a trip to an eMetrics Summit, including hotel, and second/third prizes are big big Amazon gift certificates.

Only WAA members can play. So go play and win and get another notch in your web analyst belt. Full disclosure: I worked on the Championship a lot when I was the board member in charge of Marketing. I’m working with different committees now, but Marketing always has the fondest place in my heart — especially Daniel Waisberg, the Championship’s architect.

Robbin Steif

About Robbin Steif

Our owner and CEO, Robbin Steif, started LunaMetrics ten years ago. She is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Digital Analytics Association. Robbin is a recent winner of a BusinessWomen First award, as well as a Diamond Award for business leadership.


One Response to “The WAA Championship: Your chance to shine as an analyst”

“Championship Architect”! That sounds cool and complicate :-)

Thanks Robbin, I will be eternally grateful for all your help and support on the WAA and outside it. It was a great pleasure to work for you and I am sure we will find many other shared projects to work for.

Good luck on the research committee, the Web Analytics future is in good hands ;-)