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INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

In June of this year, we published an infographic listing all of the sizing information for images on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. It was a wildly successful piece of content, totally blowing our expectations out of the water. Unfortunately, while its popularity has flourished, nearly every social network instituted changes to their image sizes, rendering most of the information on the infographic out of date.

We knew we needed to update the information on the cheat sheet, but we weren’t comfortable with simply adjusting one or two figures on the blog post and leaving it as-is. We’d also received a lot of feedback, both on the design and information it contained. We decided to redesign the entire sheet and incorporate a few more social networks.

We also decided to permanently redirect the old sheet here, so that shared tweets, pins, likes, and so on, would lead to the correct sizing dimensions. Additionally, as sizing changes are implemented across social networks, we’ll actively update this sheet – meaning that if you use the embed code at the bottom to share this sheet on your own site, the image will automatically update with changes as they are rolled out. No more out-of-date information.

So, without further ado, here it is – the ultimate, complete, final social media sizing cheat sheet. As before, you can find a simple text list of the pixel dimensions at the bottom. Save this sucker on your hard drive and never Google ‘Facebook cover photo size’ again.

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet by LunaMetrics

Brought to you by the LunaMetrics blog.

Embed the cheat sheet on your own blog or site using the embed code below!


Profile Picture 160 x 160 px Must be uploaded at least 180 x 180 px
Cover Photo 851 x 315 px
About Us 255 Characters
App Preview Image 111 x 74 px
Total Length of Apps bar (including gaps) 350 px
Timeline Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Shared Image 403 x 403 px Photos can be viewed up to 960 x 720 px in the lightbox and expanded up to 2048 x 2048 px.
Shared Facebook Video 403 x 226
Status Update 63,206 characters
Shared Link Preview 156 x 116 px Editable, can be set with the og:type meta property
Shared Link Title Tag Up to 100 characters Editable, can be set with og:title meta property
Shared Link Metadescription Varies based on available room
Highlighted Post or Milestone 843 x 403 px
Highlighted Video Post or Milestone 843 x 475 px
News feed
News feed profile picture 50 x 50 px
News Feed Status update Up to 5 lines of text before Facebook truncates & appends ‘See More’ at the first break after the fifth
Shared Image Landscape 398 x 296 px
Portrait 296 x 398 px
Square 320 x 320 px
News Feed Sponsored Story Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
News Feed Sponsored Story Image Landscape 358 x 268 px
Portrait 268 x 358 px
Square 300 x 300 px
Shared Facebook Video Preview 403 x 226 px
Shared Video Link Preview 130 x 73 px
Shared Link Thumbnail 90 x 90 px
Shared Link Title Up to 100 Characters Editable
Shared Link Description Varies based on Thumbnail & Title Size Editable
URL Ad Title 25 Characters
URL Ad Copy 90 Characters
Page Ad Profile Picture 50 x 50 px
Page Ad Title Page Name
Page Ad Copy 90 Characters
Page Post Ad Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Page Post Ad Title Page Name
Page Post Ad Copy First 90 characters of selected post First 120 characters if post is text-only
Page Post Ad Image 90 x 118 px
Page Post Ad Video Preview 128 x 72 px
Page Post Ad Link Thumbnail 50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Fan Picture 50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Premium Page Post Ad Profile Picture 50 x 50 px
Premium Page Post Ad Video Preview 185 x 104 px
Premium Page Post Ad Image 168 x 128 px
Background Image 90% of visitors see first 78 px of the background
67% see 204 px
43% see 247 px
21% see 284 px
Recent Image Preview 90 x 90
Profile Picture 81 x 81 px 4 px border
Tweet Length 140 Characters
Profile Picture 48 x 48 px
Shared Media Tweet Length 140 characters, including link
Shared Link Preview 120 x 120 px Must be at least 60 x 60 px
Shared Link Title First 70 characters of twitter:title tag
Shared Link Description First 200 characters of twitter:description tag
Shared Image 375 x 375 px
Shared Video Preview 435 x 244 px
Video Details Video Title and first 160 characters of video description
Company Profile
Cover Photo 890 x 180 px
Profile Picture 250 x 250 px 5 px border
Horizontal Profile and cover photo gap 614 px
Status Update 100,000 Characters Can include hash tags
Shared Link Thumbnail 150 x 150 px
Shared Video Preview 497 x 279 px
Shared Image 497 x 373 px Can be uploaded and viewed up to 2048 x 2048 px
Branded Channel
Content Container 970 px wide
Mappable Header 970 x 150 px Can map links off of YouTube
Profile Picture 55 x 55 px
Featured Video 640 x 390 px
Video Thumbnail 288 x 162 px
YouTube Brand Channel Background Size 90% of users see 8 px on either side of the content container Up to 1 mb in size
67% see 136 px
43% see 180 px
21% see 216 px
Title Up to 100 characters
User Banner Up to 170 x 25 px
Video Preview 640 x 390 px
Description Up to 5000 characters
Tags Up to 500 characters Hidden, can be found in page source under “meta:keywords”
Recommended Playlist Details Playlist Title
Recommended Playlist Large Thumbnail 120 x 67 px
Recommeded Playlist Small Thumbnail 40 x 25 px
Recommended Video Details Video Title, Author, and Views
Recommended Video Thumbnail 120 x 67 px
Horizontal Logo 100 x 60 px
Cover Photo 646 x 220 px
Company Square Logo 50 x 50 px
Company Comment Logo 30 x 30 px
Shared Link Thumbnail 180 x 110 px
Shared Link Details Shared Link Title and up to 230 characters of description. The description is editable.
Careers Cover Photo 974 x 238 px
Products and Services
Products and Services Banner Image 646 x 220 px
Product Image 100 x 80 px
Product Details 100 character title and 2000 character description
Profile Picture 160 x 165 px
About Section Up to 200 characters
Board 222 x 207 px
Big Thumbnail 222 x 150 px
Small Thumbnails 55 x 55 px
Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Pin Image Preview 192 x scaled height
Pin on board 222 x scaled height
Profile Picture 49 x 49 px
Pin 600 x infinity

Are there any more social networks you’d like to get sizing information on? Would you like an embed code for the table above as well as the image? Like the new design? Let us know your thoughts in our comments below.

Is the student ready to be a teacher? Take a look at our social media and let us know what you think. We are always looking to make our profiles a little sharper, savvier and more user friendly.

Dan Wilkerson

About Dan Wilkerson

Dan Wilkerson is an Analytics Engineer at LunaMetrics. He is passionate about web technology, measurement, and analysis.


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Victor says:

Thank you thank you thank you. Once again, an awesome post.

I look forward to the greatest ultimate complete final perfected quintessential SoMe sizing cheat sheet to come.

Alicia says:

Thanks – this is incredibly helpful!

Heike Miller says:

Thanks so much, very cool! I already distributed this post to many of my Facebook friends.

Carol G says:

Thanks tons. Wow, excellent resource!

LinMac says:

Such a help and a time saver – thank you

Melyssa says:

You have really captured a huge amount of information and presented it in such an organized and useful fashion. Thanks for going the extra mile with this.
I love it so much I would love to keep it secret, instead…I will blog about it.

Danielle says:

This is wonderful. Thanks!

KaRi says:

This is sooo useful, thank you!

Mark says:

Wow!This is really informative and very useful for me. Thank you so much for sharing this :-)

Anna Monique says:

Thanks for updating this! :) It’s a big help for us.

Jenn says:

You are my new best friend! Seriously.

Fabulous infographic, thank you!

So useful, very happy to share this with my colleagues and clients.

primal burn review says:

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Matthew Kovacevich says:

Question: my partner and I have the same iPhone 4 and she sees shared facebook images that look to be 403 x 403. Mine look more like the video, 403 x 226. Why the difference, and also, any info available about how many users see it one way vs. the other? Yours in hope, Confused in Maine

Thank you for posting this! It drives me crazy when the sizes change all the time. It will be great to have one place that is always up to date.

Texeattle says:

Is what you are calling a “shared image” the same as an album image? I am just trying to confirm the parameters for photos uploaded into albums. Thanks!

Hey Texeattle,

Not exactly. When you upload multiple images into an album, Facebook choose a configuration of 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 of the albums images to display in the feed of users. There were so many different configurations and the use case was so narrow we decided to forgo including them in the cheat sheet. You’ll have to do a little trial and error to get it right – I would suggest targeting a few test posts somewhere obscure or where your page has little to no following to see what kind of configurations you’ll get with different photos.

As for the sizings, the easiest way to get the pixel dimensions is to use the ‘Inspect Element’ feature in Chrome. Just right click on each component of the album and select ‘Inspect Element’, and Chrome will pull out the dimension for you on the page.

Hope this helps!


Hi Matthew,

I can think of two possible explanations. 1.) Is one of you accessing Facebook via the mobile site and the other through the native app? That might account for the difference, or 2.) Are both native apps up-to-date.

These are the only possible reasons I can think of that would cause the same image to look differently on two different devices.


Tim says:

Any chance of getting this in a pdf format so I can print it out?

Janus Ng says:

This is a truly excellent resource, going to share it on my blog and Fan Page! Thanks so much Dan!

Andy says:

I’ve noticed when uploading a new profile picture to Twitter, it now gets automatically resized to 256x256px, so when you click on it to view it at full size, this is as big as it gets (in a browser at least). People with older profile pictures still seem to have theirs at the original size.

Twitter states in its help centre that profile images shouldn’t be larger than 700k, but even when they’re smaller they get resized.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a new thing?

Very useful information, Dan! Thank you for covering Pinterest as well. I’ve been having a hard time customizing my page. I’m definitely gonna bookmark this one. Thank you for sharing!

Amazingly helpful. Thanks so much for going to all the trouble to produce this.

macKARMA says:

this is GREAT…was working on updating profile pages…so this will come in very handy…thanks!

Sherton says:

Added to the toolbox. Thanks!!

Kelli says:

This is very helpful! Please keep up to date as changes come!

David says:

Can you cover more than the famous social network? I have an account on thehooting.com and it would be great to have the guide for this one also.

thank you

Jen McGahan says:

Well done, Dan!! Masterful.

Rosanne says:

Wonderful to see the update. Just one editing note in the blog post itself: the phrase is “any further ado” (ado meaning “fuss”) not “adieu” (which means “goodbye forever” in French).

Kerstin says:

Very useful. Thanks :-)

Patrick says:

Thanks and well done :-)

Thanks for pointing this out, Rosanne! Fixed it up :)


stooni says:

Cool thanks,

you have the PSD?

that would be great…


Andrea says:

Images AND Charts! This will be a great resource, thank you.

Nichole says:

You are AWESOME!

Thanks for this incredible resource!

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Thanks for this great resource

Johan says:

Top. Great information collected in one infographic.
Thanks for the work.

Mark says:

Great resource. Appreciate you posting this.

Great Work! I really find it useful. Definitely worth a share!

Kevin says:

How do you adjust for the difference in the way Facebook profile pictures and cover images display in the mobile apps vs. native? They are not positioned the same so when it looks correct on the desktop it is misaligned on mobile.

Great resource for graphic designers! Collecting all this px=precise dimensions must have taken a while :) I will link to the infographic from our website’s blog.

Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :) If you use the embed code at the bottom of the image, it will update automatically as we adjust it for changes to the pixel dimensions.


Hey Kevin,

The short answer is – you don’t! That’s part of the reason our best practice recommendation is not to try anything clever with your profile image and cover photo. However, there is good news – most interactions on Facebook take place in the News Feed, so chances are pretty slim that a large part of your user base will see your profile Cover/Image anyways. Just something to keep in mind!


well informative post you share hare , It seems as eco- friendly ……….

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Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance, and
I’m shocked why this coincidence did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

Great article, very useful : THANKS :-)

Actually you can synchronize your profile picture and your Cover : LiveCover does it automatically


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arturo says:

You might want to add the new Twitter
Header Image/ Profile banner which is 1252 X 626

Also the twitter avatar is 80×80 but if anyone clicks it, it will stretch to 500×500 (better size).

Juan Goico says:

Kuddos, very good information. This is a great post.

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Cool site, too. Gonna definitely check out your services.

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Margaret says:

Dan – Thank you. I gave up on my Facebook fan page because I could not figure out what they wanted. Now I may be able to fix it.

Elayne says:

Thanks so much – this is terrific

OMG ~ Thank you, thank you, thank you…I was getting pixalated myself!

Michael says:

Thanks for saving me a ton of time! FYI, I believe your embed code has an extra ‘=’ in the last div style.

Great eye Michael! Thanks for bringing this to my attention :) Fixed.


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Guido Zecckine says:

This is kick ass! Thanks a lot. You guys ROCK. Thanks again.

So so helpful! Thank you!

Hi, Couple of sizing questions:

The facebook page post ad is listed as 90×118, but isn’t it 118×90?

The twitter cover image size is very different from what is listed on twitter, twitter states 1252×626. I can’t find a size they list for the profile image. Can you doublecheck those?

Hey Carrie,

Thanks for pointing that out! We’re both right about the Page Post Ad – it displays either of those dimensions depending on the overall orientation of the picture used in the post for the ad.

The twitter cover photo sizing is actually the size that it displays on Twitter, not the upload size that Twitter states – I was trying to capture what the end product would look like for these sizings. Yes, they recommend uploading at those dimensions (and I’m not disagreeing), but what I have listed is what displays when someone views a Twitter profile. The profile image is constrained to a square proportion, but has no explicit maximum upload dimensions or size. It displays on your profile at the listed dimensions for the different areas on the site.


Khalid says:

great effort(this save my time).

thank for sharing.

Great Dan, Thank you!

Arthur Mwai says:

this is totally awesome,i am designing a news mobile web app and wanted to find out about twitter’s image sizing.
Thanks a lot

Vali D. says:

This is awesome. You must’ve put quite some time into this, thank you for that. It’s an extremely helpful compilation.

Geo says:

Facebook image preview size is “supposed to be” 398×296 px. However a timeline image as now shown on iPad FB APP seems to cut off the top and bottom 16 px (a bit more than 5% on both top and bottom.) Repositioning does not seem to help if the image is already at 398×296, nothing to reposition… FB APP fail.

WORKAROUND: Don’t put captions or text too near the top or bottom of your images. Also, if you delete from your FB timeline, it may not be deleted from the app timeline display for an hour or so, more or less.

Geo says:

Update: if you don’t want truncated images, use 398×220 (or an aspect ratio of 1.8 :: 1) which works perfectly for both timeline and newsfeed on both the Facebook iOS APP and web browsers, for now.

Geo says:

FB app on iPad crops the image width in the TIMELINE more than it does for the NEWSFEED. The aspect ratio seems to be different. Maybe 330 px wide by 220 high may work ok for all? But that is 0.71 not 0.81 aspect ratio.

Peter Mead says:

Hey this is really handy, all in one cheatsheet.

Dang, Facebook has some odd sizes huh?

Thanks for sharing,
Peter Mead

Jason Cox says:

Wow, I rarely comment on blogs but to find literally EVERYTHING I needed on a single page is rare now adays. Most only put the bare minimum needed and that’s it. Awesome page, thanks for the info.

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What a fantastic resource! I’m going to be sharing this like mad! I was looking for something for all my social media platforms and never thought I’d find all of them on one page.

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Great job guys, very helpful reference though a downloadable/PDF version of each would be good as well.


Sorry Chad, no can do :)


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Woohoo! Thanks Scott :)


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Perfect little cheat-sheet, thanks for taking the time to design it and keep it updated! Cheers!

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Corporate headshots for online profiles is one of the services I offer. Your article is incredibly helpful for having all the info in one place as I prefer to supply images to my clients already sized to the relevant ratio so the client need not worry about it. Thank you.

Troy says:

Thank you for the great notes and information. I noticed that the sizing for G+ Events Images was not listed. You may want to include it to your awesome list.

For Google Events Theme Images the size required is at least: 940×280 pixels.

Hey Troy,

Thanks for pointing that out!


Steve W says:

Very nice and extremely useful collection. Thank you.

Lucy G says:

Such a useful resource – thank you! Just one thing…are you sure about the YouTube sizes? A 16:9 aspect ratio would give you a pixel size of: 640×360 not 390 as you suggest…can you check and confirm for me?

Deborah says:

Fab post! Makes it so easy to update all my channels with the right imagery. Hope you can update this with any future changes.

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evers says:

I notice that you don’t have the profile picture border size for facebook. Do you know this? Are these sizes the same for personal facebook profiles and company brand facebook profiles?
Otherwise I will say thanks alot great work. Really well illustrated. Thanks

kunal says:

thanks for valuable info. :)

Andreas says:

Only the german business plattform XING is missing.

Chief says:

Nice Work Dan! I have sizes for the new LinkedIn media images in the Summary Section if you’re interested. Always changing. Not sure you can have a final.

Paolo says:

Great! Thanks for this awesome all-in-one guide!

Awno says:

Thx for the info it’s great. But what about Facebook Event Page illustration? There is a specific size for it too..

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THANK YOU so much. Besides being a fantastic resource, your kindness and consideration is much appreciated to take into consideration the earlier design and the links shared to it! THANK YOU SO MUCH… This exercise is something we should/could ALL learn from!

With sincere gratitude,

Roz Fruchtman

John Currie says:

I really do appreciate your hard work and dedication. This will indeed save me so much of the hassle. I never know what size the images must be. Kudos buddy!

Thanks for sharing, Lee!


Adam says:

Good list, with lots of good info. Some stuff I would adjust, like the twitter profile upload size, Its more important to me to know the recommended upload size, than it is to know it displays a 81×81, or 43×43 in the feed… I upload mine at 256×256, so that way when a user clicks on it, they get a nice crisp image. Twitter does all the other sizes automatically, so 256×256 is the number I would share with my creative team. This graphic would confuse them in some areas…

Laura Greeno says:

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Thank you, I’ve just been searching for information about this topic for a long time and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?|What i don’t realize is in reality how you’re no longer actually a lot more neatly-liked than you might be now. You are so intelligent.

This is really great. Thank you so much for pulling this together. Bookmarked and shared!!! Awesome!

I agree with everyone! This is an awesome infographic. I’d love to have the embed code for table too. Thanks!

Alistair says:

Thanks for this. As a tip – we found that uploading/saving as a PNG file (which is lossless) keeps the best quality, because all these services will convert your picture to a jpeg. PNG => JPEG seems to give marginally better results than JPEG => JPEG.

Rumbero says:

You forgot about the facebook event picture

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Incredible! Would love an update with vimeo as well!

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Thank you for this article, it’s really good ressource.

I just published a blog post about your article is excellent, I think a link to the table enbed text would be practical and avoids the need to modify the data, especially for me who am in France and can not constantly check data.

Francisco Lugo says:

Do you have anything on Foursquare?

Francisco Lugo says:

What about foursquare?

Scott Prokop says:

I would like to use the table in my website http://www.lightroom101.com for a reference with the Lightroom presets that I am working on to share for free. Please send me the embed code for the table.
PS-Awesome Job!

Thanks for the great info, but you forgot all about the foursquare Brand Page (cover image, etc.) See AboutFoursquare’s details on 4sq photos at http://aboutfoursquare.com/a-guide-to-foursquare-image-sizes/

Kelly says:

Such good info! Thank you very much for putting it all in one place!

Awesome, thank you so much!

Thanks for sharing Dwayne! Given that Foursquare is a almost entirely mobile platform, I decided against including any sizing information for them to save on space in the infographic. But, given how popular this is (and since you’re not the the first to ask) maybe I’ll add it to a future update!


Geoff Taylor says:

What about Yelp for business?

Robyn says:

What about FB event pic sizes?
Please help :)

Michel says:

I noticed that the facebook page profile image was sized up to 186×186 at least on https://www.facebook.com/heringrajter

Hey Michel,

Looks like you’ve got a new test design. I’m seeing 160 x 160 – if you’re seeing 168 x 168, however, those 8 pixels are from the white border around the picture. That plus the one black pixel line around the border account for the 5 pixel barrier between the profile picture and the cover photo.


Kabrina says:

I reference this a lot and just wanted to finally say thank you! Amazingly helpful resource.

Jen says:

I’ve dreamed of having something like this! Thank you!

George says:

Very helpful, however I cannot find the maximum event page pic dimensions. Any ideas?

Levers App says:

That sir is extremely useful – I appreciate the time it took you guys to amass this.. pinned and bookmarked. bam! :)

Ian says:

This is what i have searching for all my life!
Marry me?

The Twitter profile photo is noted as 81×81 pixels, with a 4 pixel border. However I’m not sure this is very clear, especially in the infographic, as designers may immediately slice an image to be uploaded at 81×81 while the actual image displayed is 73×73 (81×81 minus the combined 8 pixels of border for each dimension). You can verify using your browser developer tools or by downloading the image on your Twitter profile.

Do you think this would be better displayed as 73×73 pixels for the profile photo so that sliced images are not resized on upload and maintain their best quality?

Hey Grant,

Yes and no. The profile picture can (and should) be uploaded sized greater than 81 x 81 or 73 x 73. The reason I chose the 81 x 81 dimension is for designers looking to incorporate the profile picture into a larger composition with the cover photo – for example, see https://twitter.com/PointParkU

You’re right though that it should be set to 73 x 73, since the border doesn’t overlay those 8 outstanding pixels, but exists in addition to them. If someone designed a cover/profile with the 81 x 81 pixel in mind, the profile picture wouldn’t fit perfectly.

That said, it’s tricky to convey all of that into such a small (graphically speaking) space. I’ll think on it and if I come up with a better way of conveying it, I might switch it up.

Thanks for your comment!


Hey George,

I’m on it!


Facebook Event Picture Sizing
While Facebook will let you have an event profile picture that is 180 wide by up to 540 tall, it will crop that image to a square for everywhere else. Best bet for less work, stick with square. However, it could be interesting if you design your event profile picture to “reveal” something only if you go to the event page.

Event Page Profile Picture: 180 x up to 540 pixels
Facebook then crops and resizes it to:
– News Feed: 100 x 100 pixels
– Suggested Event: 100 x 100 pixels
– List of Events: 50 x 50 pixels
– Attendee’s Timeline: 50 x 50 pixels

Mel says:

Looking for Header sizes for Tumblr & WordPress?

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Great resource! So nice to have all this together in one place – thanks!

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Thank you for the hard work & sharing!

Jackie says:

Can you provide the measurements for the gap regarding the Twitter Profile photo within the Cover photo? I’d like to do an integrated cover/profile photo but need to know where to locate one atop the other.


Maria says:

This is a great go-to cheat sheet. One thing I don’t see on here is Images for Notes. When inserting images in Notes, only the first one appears on your timeline/feed. That image size is 140×140.

Jennifer says:

It appears that a new size is in order, as of this morning when I went to create a Facebook event it now requires a cover photo for the event and not a banner on the side. I think the size is in flux, but it requires at least 400 wide. It appears to be in the 710×260 range but my dimensions were a bit off as it wasn’t as crisp as my Gimp preview.

john says:

Dan this is an amazing cheat sheet thanks! I don’t know if this helps but I stumbled yesterday in a website that gives a free template for google plus cover.. I found it quite useful so thought to share.. http://googlepluscoverphoto.blogspot.com

Sarah says:

Thanks for this, Dan! How can I print this out?

Feb. 26, 2013 are these dimensions still up to date? If so, would be nice to have a note at the top of the article indicating these were updated and when.

Bon Crowder says:

I want to rub this infographic on me from head to toe. This is the most wonderful thing ever!

I’m a math blogger. Which means everything that you’ve given here goes to the very core of my soul.

Thank you so much!

Kristi Kirk says:

BEST cheat sheet I’ve found by far. Absolutely exceptional! Thank you so much. (BTW, I almost never post comments – especially not just to say, “Good job.” However this really warrants appreciation. Thanks again. – Kristi

Noted! Thanks Kristi :)


James Kavvs says:

Wow! This is absolutely amazing. Does it fit to the new design on Twitter?

Have a great weekend!

Thanks so much (-:

WOW… just wow. This is getting shared around my office now, you are a huge time saver good sir. Please have a virtual beer on me. Cheers!

Mike says:

What are the dimensions for a Facebook Group Event? Thanks for the info!

Beks says:

Thanks Dan! Do you by any chance have the specs for what gets displayed on the mobile apps? They tend to crop quite a bit from the timeline sizing. Cheers

Hey Beks,

Unfortunately, with mobile, there’s nothing to be done – images are cropped to different sized depending on the device.


Thanks Dan!, excelent cheatsheet you don’t even know the work that save me. Good job!!

You are the best. I’m for ever looking for those social media dimensions. Thank you for putting this together.

David McCord says:

Time for an update! I just heard that Google+ has changed their specs.

Janne says:

Google+ just made changes on the cover image size, would be helpful if you could update the blog entry thanks

Mary Kathan says:

Wow! This is an awesome cheat sheet! I put it on my blog.
Mary Kathan

It’s in the works, Janne!


Shadia says:

Amazing, you just saved my day!

Elena says:

Really confused with the recent Facebook changes, specifically, in their blog they recommend new picture sizes to be 600×600, but in all their previews pictures in the new news feed are rectangular. Hope you guys can sort it out. Appreciate your work

Hey Elena,

We’re waiting until we get access to the new design to make any changes. I would guess the 600 x 600 number is in reference to how pictures will display on the new Timeline, not in the news feed (where we recommend optimizing them for). Updates soon!


I was looking for the current LinkedIn Groups logo dimensions. That’d be helpful :)

Del says:

This is great, will save a lot of time, though I hope it get’s updated soon as I’m not sure what is in date and what isn’t and I don’t want to have to redo things. ;-)