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Google Consumer Surveys and How You Can Leverage them for PPC

Another week in Google Adwords means another little jingle in the announcement corner. Often, these go unnoticed or forgotten in the day-to-day bustle of account management, but don’t forget these helpful little nuggets of wisdom. This week, I got a notification that Google consumer surveys has a new and improved look and is offering a $75 credit to boot. So what exactly is a Google Consumer Survey?

These consumer surveys are a quick one-question “poll” that can be placed on select (or opted in) publisher sites. Generally there is a piece of locked content and a visitor needs to answer the question in order to access. At $.10 a response, it’s affordable to even the smallest advertiser who is doing some serious research in products, awareness or another marketing effort. Another bonus is that publishers will actually get a chunk of change for the people who answered the polls.

So how can a PPC-er leverage this survey tool? Glad you asked.

If you are selling a product, ask what would be the best selling point? Highlight the answer in your ad.

Example: What is the most important feature in a pool installation package?

1. Affordability

2. Convenient Installation Dates

3. Customization

If it’s a new business, figure what competitors people would go to to find a product you are going to offer. Research the winner from head to toe.

Example: Of these choices, where would you go online to buy a used DVD?

1.  DVD Empire

2. Amazon

3. Family Video

4. Ebay


If you want to figure out your new next deal offer, then use the surveys to see what will appeal the most to consumers. Use the answer as your next offer in a text ad.

Example: What discount appeals to you the most?

1. Free shipping

2. 20% off total

3. $10 off if you spend $50

4. Buy 1 get 1 1/2 off


Before committing to a new display ad, see what initial viewers prefer. Use the winner and test from there. Or test an image out first and use the winner from there.

Example: What image makes you want to eat a salad more? (Full disclosure: I just needed an excuse to add in these awesome pics)










Google Consumer Surveys can offer some heavy-weight market data for the regular marketer. Leverage this tool to craft some overall or “big picture”  marketing campaigns and messaging, but don’t forget about how you can use it for PPC efforts too! Right now, Google is offering a $75 credit to first-time users, so check it out fast.


Sarah Peduzzi

About Sarah Peduzzi

Sarah Peduzzi is a Paid Search Project Manager. Her background includes SEO, direct response web and landing page design, email marketing and public relations. She graduated with a degree in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and has always been interested in publishing, especially genres like science fiction and fantasy. Her creativity, coupled with an affinity for numbers and the psychology behind search, led to a natural fit in Paid Search. She especially enjoys spreading the love for Paid Search at the LunaMetrics AdWords seminars. She'll be inducting her next wave of AdWords nerds at the LunaMetrics AdWords training in Boston.When she’s not obsessively reading industry blogs, she is either reading a new book or trying to write one.


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