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Increase Transaction Insight with 9 Steps in Google Tag Manager

Here’s a trick to capture additional information from transactions using Google Tag Manager. Let’s say you have several product categories on your site, and you want to easily see how different combinations sell on the site.

1: Create a Custom Dimension named “Transaction Categories”


2: Push Transaction Information through the DataLayer


3: Track your site with a Tag


4: Create a Macro for “Transaction Products” by grabbing the product array


5: Create another Macro for “Transaction Categories” to cycle through the array and output your list


6: Create a rule “trackTrans” to run with the transaction

7: Create a transaction tag; add a Custom Dimension under More Settings


8: Add a separate Event tag; also passing your Transaction Categories


9: Analyze how different product categories interact


relatedcat-step9-5 relatedcat-step9-4 relatedcat-step9-3


You can use similar methods to concatenate SKUs, pass quantity counts, or track other information on the page.

Sayf Sharif

About Sayf Sharif

Sayf Sharif is a Web Analyst, and expert in Usability and UX, who has worked with businesses large and small to maximize their online presence since the beginning of the Web, winning numerous awards along the way. Sayf has studied human tool use from the stone age (he went to graduate school for Archaeology) to the information age (he started programing on his father’s TRS-80), and is always interested in what goals people wish to accomplish using their tools, and how successful that experience was.


One Response to “Increase Transaction Insight with 9 Steps in Google Tag Manager”

Shuki Mann says:

very nice example.

its can be great if you publish more posts about the avalible options with GTM dataLayers and macros