Dan Wilkerson

Dan Wilkerson is a Software Engineer at LunaMetrics. He is passionate about web technology, measurement, and analysis. Dan is the winner of the 1999 Forge Road Elementary School Science Fair for his groundbreaking report on how magnets work. (ICP, take note.) Dan has worked at LunaMetrics in social media, as our marketing manager, and now in our analytics department.

Unsampled Reporting with Google Analytics Premium

October 8, 2015

Google Analytics Premium Unsampled Blog

Google Analytics Premium has many exciting features: Roll-up reporting, for reporting across multiple domains with a few clicks Data-driven attribution, for statistical insight into important marketing channels Custom Funnels, for cross-session funnel visualization But one of the most exciting things about Google Analytics Premium is the ability to access unsampled data in many, many ways. […]

Free AJAX Event Listener for Google Tag Manager

August 27, 2015

AJAX Event Listener in GTM Debug Panel

Our blog posts are frequently borne out of the experiences we have working with clients or on our own website. Often we’ll create a tool and think to ourselves, could others benefit from this? We created this AJAX listener for Google Tag Manager to help monitor completed requests and then fire tags appropriately, and we […]

Safely Migrating To Google Tag Manager

July 16, 2015


This is a guide for technically-proficient users who are looking to safely migrate from on-page Google Analytics code to Google Tag Manager. You should be comfortable with JavaScript, web applications, and web servers. Google Tag Manager offers an elegant solution for quickly adding marketing-specific tracking without cluttering up source code or backlogs. The process isn’t […]

Cross Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager

June 16, 2015


If you want to track multiple domains within the same Google Analytics account, you’ll have to make some modifications to your tracking code. Out of the box, Google Analytics will not properly track a user between these two domains. Initially, cross domain tracking was a huge pain – you’d have to manually tag links with […]

Using Google Tag Manager for Visitors Without JavaScript

March 23, 2015


Sometimes, it can be useful to track browsers that do not execute JavaScript, whether we’re tracking hits, email click throughs, or other image tags. This can help your organization gauge how many users cannot make use of JavaScript-powered features, determine if things like headless browser-based bots are frequently scraping your site, and understand more about […]

How To Fix Common Google Analytics Notifications

January 8, 2015


Google Analytics constantly checks your data to search for common configuration problems. When it finds something wrong, a notification appears inside the UI that looks like this: At first, these notifications can be unsettling or feel a bit vague. Here is a quick guide to a few of the common notifications in the interface along […]

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