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Dorcas Alexander is the Analytics Department Supervisor. Her path to LunaMetrics followed stints in ad agency creative, math, and computer science. Dorcas has a master's degree in language and information technologies from Carnegie Mellon University, where she helped build precursors to a Universal Translator. One of the top-rated tournament Scrabble players in Pennsylvania, Dorcas has an insatiable drive to compete and win.

Are You Missing Referral Traffic in Universal Analytics?

June 19, 2014


Don’t fall for that old Jedi mind trick and simply ignore what Universal Analytics tells you to ignore… they might be the referrals you are looking for. Did you know that Universal Analytics’ default setting is not to count referrals from your domain? That’s right, Universal Analytics is going to ignore self-referrals by default. This […]

Google Tag Manager Disaster Recovery Guide

February 18, 2014


Some day, even after diligently testing, you may publish a new version of your Google Tag Manager container and disaster will strike. The site, or some critical site function, will break. Or tracking will drop to zero. (Or both!) Will you be ready to fix things? It’s as easy as “the click of a button” […]

Google Analytics Filters: Don’t You Forget About Me

August 26, 2013


Why do advanced segments get all the love in Google Analytics? What about report filters and profile (view) filters? Filters and segments work differently. Do you know when you need a filter instead of a segment? You may think a segment is isolating the data you want and instead it returns too much data. Or […]

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