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8 Reasons to Start Using Google Tag Manager Now

With Universal Analytics out of beta (finally), many of us will begin making the transition from traditional Google Analytics. But not everyone realizes that this is also a great opportunity to implement Google Tag Manager while making the upgrade.  Implementing GTM is a straight-forward process and the capabilities are endless. In case you (or someone you know) need some convincing, or if you have just been delaying, this article quickly summarizes 8 reasons why you should be using Google Tag Manager now.



Beginners Guide: Advantages of Targeting Long-Tail Keywords


When starting your first search marketing campaign, many beginners do exactly what I did: focus on popular, high-volume keywords versus relevant, rank-able phrases. Typically, it doesn’t take very long to determine that those high volume keywords usually don’t convert, or they have so much competition that it’s extremely difficult to garner any traffic at all.

Understanding the power of long-tail keywords can help identify less competitive markets allowing content to rank higher, earlier, and convert more.  Below is a beginners summary outlining the advantages of choosing the correct long-tail phrases, and a few resources to help you get started with long-tail keyword selection and marketing efforts.


Update: Our 2014 Google Analytics & Adwords Seminar Locations

google analytics seminarsBack in August, we wrote a post that outlined our 2014 training schedule.  Well, like everything else in life, there have been some changes and we want to send out an updated list of our 2014 Google Analytics & AdWords training opportunities! I also wanted to share some information for those of you that are curious about the topics covered in the seminars.

This year, we will be sending our consultants out for a total of twenty-four comprehensive Google Analytics & AdWords seminars.  We’ve expanded into several new cities (Houston, San Francisco, and Miami to name a few), and doubled the number of trainings we do per month.