John Donovan

John is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

8 Reasons to Start Using Google Tag Manager Now

April 8, 2014


With Universal Analytics out of beta (finally), many of us will begin making the transition from traditional Google Analytics. But not everyone realizes that this is also a great opportunity to implement Google Tag Manager while making the upgrade. ¬†Implementing GTM is a straight-forward process and the capabilities are endless. In case you (or someone […]

Beginners Guide: Advantages of Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

March 12, 2014


When starting your first search marketing campaign, many beginners do exactly what I did: focus on popular, high-volume keywords versus relevant, rank-able phrases. Typically, it doesn’t take very long to determine that those high volume keywords usually don’t convert, or they have so much competition that it’s extremely difficult to garner any traffic at all. […]

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