Jon Meck

Jon Meck is our Technical Marketing Manager, promoting our services and trainings to the world. He has a jack-of-all-trades background, working for companies large and small in social media, website design and maintenance, and analytics. He is an Excel enthusiast, he loves efficiency, and he is strong proponent of the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” mantra. Jon is also the author of two number puzzle books.

Notes on Filtering Spam and Bots from Google Analytics

January 28, 2016


A couple of months ago we wrote an April Fool’s Day post about eliminating bots and spam from Google Analytics. Given the particular climate of the Google Analytics industry, the collective anger over bots and spam, and the craziness of some of the solutions offered, we expected it to get a few chuckles and the […]

Announcing New Resources for Google Tag Manager

November 3, 2015


At LunaMetrics, we’ve embraced Google Tag Manager as an excellent tool to help companies and agencies correctly implement Google Analytics and other third-party tracking. We use Google Tag Manager (GTM) daily with our clients, helping to manage their implementations from afar, responding to urgent updates, or helping to train key staff on how best to […]

Two Minute Checkup – Google Analytics Default Page

September 4, 2015


The Default Page setting in Google Analytics has been around for a long time, and we’ve written about it before in several places (Jonathan’s post from 2010), but how it works or why you would use it still seems to cause major confusion. Let’s give a quick reminder about what this feature does, and why […]

The Art of the Double Negative – Using Trigger Exceptions in GTM

July 22, 2015


Besides the basics of adding analytics and marketing tags to your website, Google Tag Manager also enables advanced website tagging and management through strategic use of Triggers. Understanding the basics of Trigger conditions, multiple Triggers, and Trigger exceptions will help to make your container smaller, more agile, and more effective. Let’s go through some basics, […]

Remain Calm! Addressing Google Tag Manager’s Security Risks

June 2, 2015


We hear it all the time – marketers love the idea of Google Tag Manager but aren’t sure that they can talk their development/IT team into it. The conversation can often veer into the dangerous territory of us vs them, complete with finger-pointing and authority-challenging. We address these concerns often with new clients, explaining the […]

Identifying and Filtering Internal Traffic from Google Analytics

April 27, 2015


Filtering out employee traffic remains one of the biggest challenges our clients and training attendees face. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one solution to capture everyone, but we can hopefully catch as much as we can. There have been many blog posts and articles written about the best ways to identify employees, this blog post will […]

Easy Upload for Google Tag Manager's Lookup Table Version 2

November 20, 2014


In October 2014, the Google Tag Manager team announced a new version of their popular tool, complete with easier workflows, a brighter design, and many other wonderful features. Most things work in a familiar fashion, with a few name changes. Macros are now called Variables, and the Lookup Table Variable works exactly as we would […]

Google Tag Manager Basics: Links and Clicks

October 28, 2014


While Google Tag Manager touts itself as a code free alternative to website development, sometimes a knowledge of basic web mechanics (and a little bit of code!) can help make your setup go much easier! Whether or not you’ve started using the new version of GTM, this post will help explain how to target clicks […]

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