Jon Meck

Jon Meck is our Technical Marketing Manager, promoting our services and trainings to the world. He has a jack-of-all-trades background, working for companies large and small in Social Media, Website Design and Maintenance, and Analytics. He is an Excel enthusiast, he loves efficiency, and he is strong proponent of the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” mantra. Jon is also the author of two number puzzle books.

Easy Upload for Google Tag Manager's Lookup Table Version 2

November 20, 2014


In October 2014, the Google Tag Manager team announced a new version of their popular tool, complete with easier workflows, a brighter design, and many other wonderful features. Most things work in a familiar fashion, with a few name changes. Macros are now called Variables, and the Lookup Table Variable works exactly as we would […]

Google Tag Manager Basics: Links and Clicks

October 28, 2014


While Google Tag Manager touts itself as a code free alternative to website development, sometimes a knowledge of basic web mechanics (and a little bit of code!) can help make your setup go much easier! Whether or not you’ve started using the new version of GTM, this post will help explain how to target clicks […]

Easy Cohort Analysis for Blogs and Articles

August 4, 2014


It’s now easier than ever to track and compare performance between articles and blogs. While Google Analytics shows you pageviews and other key metrics, frequent content comparisons are made difficult by the shifting time frames. How can I compare a blog post that was published this month vs. a blog post that was posted last […]

Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics – The Check and the Fix

July 7, 2014


By far the most common issue I’ve come across with ecommerce sites; duplicate transactions can inflate revenue and ecommerce metrics, altering your attribution reports and making you question your data integrity. When talking about where to put the ecommerce tracking code, Google suggests the following for Universal Analytics: … If successful, the server redirects the […]

Long Page URLs in Internet Explorer Cause Missing Pageviews, Transactions in Google Analytics

May 15, 2014


While is known best for our blog content, the vast majority of our time goes towards helping clients with Google Analytics implementation. Our clients often come to us with some form of existing Google Analytics, and it’s our job to sift through the data to make sure everything is being collected correctly. For a website with eCommerce, […]

Creative Tag Manager – Ads, Promotions, and Visitor Messaging

April 14, 2014


Let’s get creative with Google Tag Manager! Google Tag Manager has changed the way we implement Google Analytics here at LunaMetrics, making it easier to track pageviews, events, you name it. It’s excellent for adding marketing tags for Adwords or conversion tracking for any service you need. But many people gloss over the fact that […]

Automate GTM's Lookup Table Macro from a Spreadsheet

March 26, 2014


Click here for the updated versionthat works with Google Tag Manager Version 2. Earlier this year, Google Tag Manager added a great new feature called the Lookup Table Macro. It’s pretty simple to use. Populate the table with two columns of data. Feed a value into it using a macro and if it finds that […]

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