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Sean McQuaide

Sean McQuaide is an Optimization Specialist at LunaMetrics. Passionate about business and technology, Sean focuses his energy on making complex things simple and actionable. Along with his education in marketing and economics, he brings to LunaMetrics a background in web design, SEO and sales.

Tried and True: Our Website Migration Checklist

December 17, 2015


Migrating website content is quite possibly the most challenging thing someone in charge of SEO can do. It requires good planning, clear communication, and the right people. If you don’t have all of those things working together, you’re going to feel like you’re a cat herder, not a SEO consultant. I have overseen the migration […]

4 Steps To Tackling Any Search Challenge

July 6, 2015


Search Marketers are no stranger to facing challenges head on. Be it Google penalties, convincing clients of the benefits of content marketing, or trying to make sure a migration goes smoothly, it seems there is no end to the variety of challenges we face on a day to day basis. Unfortunately these distractions can take time […]

3 Keys to Auditing or Migrating Any Website

May 27, 2015


Working as a search consultant, I often feel more like a doctor than a marketer. Each interaction generally starts out the same way: make an introduction, ask the client where it hurts, run tests to determine what is really going on, then provide recommendations and support in order fix the problem. While the recommendations are […]

2015 Design Predictions TL;DR

March 2, 2015


Each year it seems every website comes out with their own list of design trends they expect to see in the coming year. 75% of the articles contain the same bullet points, then the author throws in several opinions that will hopefully spark someone’s need to share the article. Most articles tend to be checklist […]

Visualizing Organic Rankings With Google Maps Engine

January 27, 2015


Google Maps Engine is a great way to visualize spreadsheet data. If you have an idea and can link it to some location data, the engine will map it. Recently Google has been retooling this product to cater more toward small businesses. Companies like Pure Fix Cycles are using Google Maps Engine to visualize distribution […]

Getting Started with ShufflePoint

September 22, 2014


Overview ShufflePoint is a paid application that uses Excel’s built-in “Web Query” function to pull data from Google Analytics into Excel. It is an extremely powerful tool and allows you to take advantage of Excel’s data manipulation abilities. This gives you the freedom to develop compelling visuals that will help you quickly assess the performance of […]

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