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6 Landing Page Optimizations You Need to Know

Landing Page Optimization Best PracticesAll too often landing pages are overlooked as important variables in the search engine marketing equation.  Many marketers and advertisers alike assume that their job is finished after searchers begin to click their links and/or ads.  WRONG!  If you learn one thing from reading this blog today it is going to be this:


Think about it…


Scary Good Google AdWords Tricks & Treats for Any Account

PPC Tricks & TreatsLearn to reap sweet, sweet rewards from paid search by utilizing a few tips to help streamline account management.  It’s vital that you are familiar with tools and features provided within the interface and that you always look ahead for new tools and features on the horizon. (more…)

How to Use Google AdWords Paid & Organic Report

Want to see how PPC & SEO work together to achieve your campaign goals?  Curious if paid search is cannibalizing organic search traffic?  Well lucky for you understanding the dynamics of how paid and organic search listings work together got a little easier recently thanks to an improvement to the Google AdWords UI.  Paid & Organic reporting.

Advertisers can now link Google Webmaster Tools to Google AdWords which provides additional insight into the relationship between paid and organic search campaigns.  This fantastic new report is aptly named  “Paid & Organic”.

Using the Paid & Organic report helps prevent cannibalization and wasted AdWords budget by identifying SEO & PPC overlap.  The report effectively shows you any instances where a potential customer might have seen your paid search results, your organic search results, or…

wait for it…

BOTH paid and organic search results together on the same results page. (more…)

Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet for Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy

Using the proper call-to-action within your PPC ad copy is critical to optimizing PPC ad performance.  A quality paid search ad makes a promise to potential visitors enticing them to click the ad. This promise is fulfilled after the ad click by delivering a relevant landing page experience.

All seasoned pay-per-click account managers know this.

However, most seasoned paid search managers also know that adhering to PPC ad copy character limits can require several rewrites.  We’ve all felt the heartbreak of having an otherwise perfect ad exceed the maximum allowed number of characters.  Sometimes these rewrites result in boring, lackluster ad copy that just doesn’t paint the picture that was originally intended.  Pile on a serious case of writer’s block and you have a recipe for disaster.

Fear not my fellow PPC-ers!  This quick and handy call-to-action cheat sheet was assembled to assist you on those tough days when the right word is just out of reach.  Use it to help write effective PPC ad copy that potential visitors find engaging.

Enhance Your Ad Copy Writing Skills with Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet

Get started writing better ad copy right now.  Find 204 call-to-action examples – alphabetized and COMPLETE WITH CHARACTER COUNT – in the cheat sheet available below.  “Why 204?” you ask.  Because that’s the amount that fit on one page.

Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet from LunaMetrics


The Essential Google AdWords Starter Guide

Google AdWords Starter GuideWhat is Google AdWords?  How does it work?

If you are new to paid search advertising these are among the first questions you will have.  Let’s cover the basics and bring you up to speed on how to get started with Google AdWords advertising.  After all, before you become an expert you have to start at the beginning.

Before you start…

There are four essential elements you absolutely MUST have in place before you even consider launching any Google Adwords campaigns if you hope to achieve the best results: (more…)

3 Easy Steps to Reach Facebook Users with Video Ads Right Now

It’s safe to say that Facebook.com and YouTube.com are the #2 and #3 most visited websites on the world wide web (behind only Google.com).  No big secret there.  It’s also pretty safe to assume that you or someone you know has shared a YouTube video on their Facebook Wall.  Also not a life-changing revelation.  What might surprise to you is that you can actually target viewers of these Facebook-hosted YouTube videos using a Google AdWords advertising product. That’s right; read it twice.

“How is this possible?” you might ask.  “Aren’t Facebook and Google mortal enemies?” you might ask.  Well ya, but with Google AdWords for video and some keen investigation you are able to leverage these two super-massive audiences in conjunction with one another.  You get the best of both worlds by effectively serving your advertising message alongside compelling YouTube content within the world’s most popular forum, Facebook. (more…)

PPC & SEO Synergy

Pay-per-click ads & search engine optimization work together to dramatically increase effectiveness of marketing efforts.

In digital marketing, cannibalization occurs when a paid search ad “steals” traffic away from an organic listing.  You’ll typically find questions associated to this topic like, why should I bid on my brand name keywords?  Or, why should bid on keywords that I rank #1 for organically?

Let’s put these questions to rest once and for all because, in my opinion, cannibalization is a pretty harsh term to associate with paid search.  So, unlike my Pac-Man example above, I prefer to view the relationship between PPC and SEO as a symbiotic one where both channels work together to achieve an overarching marketing goal.  Let’s look at a few examples and discuss why it’s beneficial to appear in both spaces simultaneously. (more…)

Using Proper Call-to-Action in PPC Ads

Call-to-Action SuccessYou’re a paid search manager.  You’ve optimized your campaigns’ settings for efficient use of the budget.  You’ve spent countless hours conducting keyword research.  You’ve built tightly themed campaigns and ad groups.  You’re already on the fast track to success but do NOT stop there!

Writing effective ad copy is next on your checklist, but how do you write a pay-per-click ad that really stands out among the competition?  Using a strong call-to-action is a huge piece of the puzzle.  This is a much overlooked part of the PPC process and can make or break your efforts. (more…)

Demystifying Dynamic Search Ads: Set-Up & Targeting

In Part 1 of the Demystifying Dynamic Search Ads series, we discussed the pros & cons of incorportating DSAs into your paid search strategy.  Now that you’ve decided that Dynamic Search is something you would like to put to use, we can discuss the actual campaign set up and creating what Google refers to as auto-targets.  We’ll also cover exclusions and run through a few examples of common ways DSAs are being put to use.

Dynamic Search Campaign Set-Up:

To create a Dynamic Search campaign simply begin by building a new search network campaign as you normally would, but when you reach the “Type” settings, select the Dynamic Search Ads setting to enable targeting based on your website content:


AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: 5 Great Features

Be Cautiously Optimistic about Enhanced Campaigns as Boromir Suggests

“Are you sure you do not suffer needlessly? There are other ways, Frodo, other paths we might take.” ~Boromir
- The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien (1954)

As paid search managers, we tend to resist change at all cost. Unfortunately Google has now brought change to the paid search environment, and the PPC adverstiser’s walls have begun collapsing down around him. Welcome to change. Welcome to Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.  Embrace it or you shall not pass.

I remain cautiously optimistic when it comes to Enhanced Campaigns.  They are not as simple as they sound and there’s a lot to be discouraged about, but don’t overlook the benefits included with this change. Good pay-per-click managers should be able to take the shot on the chin and leverage it to their advantage.

Let’s take a look at my five favorite features that are introduced with Enhanced Campaigns: (more…)