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10 Years of Digital Marketing Trends in 10 Graphs

November 5, 2014


Each year about this time, digital marketers are bombarded by reviews of industry trends and projections on what’s to come. It’s all 5 Content Marketing Lessons from 2014 and Secret Strategies for SEO Success in 2015. This is not one of those posts. Leave your marketing plans in the drawer and forget your keyword research […]

The ABCs of Content – 26 Ways to Always Be Creating

October 22, 2014

In the lexicon of modern marketing, “content marketing” has become a rather popular phrase to bandy about. And it seems like everyone wants to sell you their foolproof recipe for success. Today, I’m playing that game. My ridiculous line of buzzword-edition Marketing Magnetic Poetry is, “High ROI content marketing is a product of efficiency, synergy, and multi-tasking.” […]

The SMX East Panels You Shouldn't Miss

September 25, 2014

  I’ve got my pass for SMX East 2014 and I’m ready to go to one of the biggest Search Marketing conferences in the country. After scouring the agenda, I thought I’d share my top must-see panels with you, as well as give you this Twitter cheat sheet of key moderators to follow:

SEO Tips When Switching Servers

September 16, 2014

Any time you make a significant change related to your website, whether that’s content or the underlying architecture, you should check to see if your changes have impacted the SEO best practices you’ve already put into place. A few weeks ago, a client unexpectedly informed me that they migrated their web server to a different […]

Technical and Webmaster Guidelines for HTTPS

August 22, 2014

Spurred on by the Edward Snowden revelations, Google has begun taking security more seriously. After the revelations came out, Google quickly secured and patched their own weaknesses. Now they are pushing to encrypt all internet activity by incentivizing websites that use SSL certificates by giving them a boost in rankings. During a Google I/O presentation […]

MozCon 2014 Recap: What I Learned

July 23, 2014

A holistic industry transformation was the tone at MozCon this year and Erica McGillivray and team did a fantastic job getting speakers that supported this theme. Those chosen for the conference are experts in their fields, pushing conventional wisdom and challenging us with new ways to tackle old problems. Each spoke on different topics, but to […]

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