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2014 Web Design Trends: All Simple Everything

Focused Design


“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Keep it simple stupid. Moderation is the key to a good life and good 2014 UX. Flat design is about removing all the unnecessary flare and letting the what you have to say be the main focus. In the past there has been a gap between the world the designers are living in (Photoshop) and the developers were living in (text editors). Browsers are getting better about what they can and cannot do from a color and design(svg) perspective, which used to bottleneck the creativity of the designers. This gap will begin to close as the adoption of flat design provides designers with more incentive and necessity to design within the browser. Because of this browser focused design, the capabilities of the developer will be paramount to the execution of the designer’s vision. The developers ability to understand not only how to code the design, but understand how that design will translate across browsers and devices will make finding the designer-developer team as important as either one of their capabilities. Will we see the first crowning of a Developer-Designer team crowned as the king of 2014 web design?


Opt Out of Shared Endorsements in 4 Clicks

Google 2013-10-18 14-13-00

Perhaps you’ve seen the blue bar above when visiting Google recently. It’s there to inform you that Google is changing its terms of service on November 11th. I love TOS updates! Hear that? It’s sarcasm. (more…)

Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Tool

Want to know the ROI of your email marketing? What about the performance of your print ads? Are your posts to Facebook leading to conversions on your site?

Tagging your marketing campaigns is essential to get these actionable insights from Google Analytics. But you might have more than one person responsible for all of your marketing initiatives (imagine that!). You might have teams of marketers and content writers who all dip their hands in the the campaign cookie jar from time to time. That’s great! If you’ve gotten to the point where your non-web analyst peers are tagging their URLs with campaign parameters, you’ve already overcome the biggest hurdle. Now, if only you could get them all to use the same naming conventions… (more…)