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Extending Google Analytics with Programmatic Data Import

June 15, 2016


There are lots of external data sources with juicy information you might like to see modeled in Google Analytics. Maybe you’ve got cost data from non-Google ad networks you’d like to see accounted for in your reports. Maybe you have data from a CRM that you want to use to enhance your Google Analytics reporting. For these and many other cases, Data Import is your huckleberry.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: The Order of Implementation

June 13, 2016


Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics (Universal) can offer a goldmine of valuable information about your users’ purchases and shopping behavior. With some of its more advanced features, Enhanced Ecommerce can even provide insight into the performance of your product lists and internal promotions. In short, it’s great and everybody should be using it! There’s no […]

Using Google Analytics Measurement Protocol with Webhooks

June 9, 2016


Like most LunaMetricians and analysts in general, I’m a huge fan of automation. Working on account administration and implementing web tracking should be as efficient as possible so that more time can be spent on the valuable analyses that come after. Google provides API solutions for the majority of implementation, managing accounts and reporting (check out the new […]

Getting Started with R and Google Analytics

June 2, 2016

R is a statistical tool that can enrich you website data analysis. Unfortunately, R has a steep learning curve and can be intimidating to a first time user. However, the payoff is worth the effort. In this post I will help you get started by demonstrating some of the most useful R commands. First, you […]

How to Report Items in Multiple Categories in Google Analytics

May 25, 2016

Google Analytics has many built-in ways to report on categories, unless you have individual items that each belong to multiple categories. Have you wondered what’s the best way to report on scenarios like articles belonging to multiple topics or have multiple authors or events (user actions) related to more than one category, If so, this blog post is for you!

Google Analytics Users: Two Calculations

May 23, 2016

“Users” is easily one of the most frequently used metrics in Google Analytics. We love it because it gives us information that spans multiple sessions. However, the Users metric in your Audience Overview will often differ from your actual User count.

Noteworthy Features of Firebase Analytics

May 19, 2016

The Google I/O conference is always full of fun announcements, and this year is no different! One announcement that really caught our eye was about Firebase, which is now becoming a “unified app platform”. Leveraging and building on the real-time database, user authentication, and cross-device tools that Firebase already has, this announcement adds analytics, error […]

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