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Google Analytics User ID Strategies for Sites with Limited or No Login

May 31, 2016


The User ID features of Google Analytics help address several challenges: Measuring users who switch devices, browsers, or apps as they interact over time. Capturing identifiers for users to match with data about the same users in other systems. These can be really valuable, and if you’re new to the idea of user ID in […]

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How to Report Items in Multiple Categories in Google Analytics

May 25, 2016


Google Analytics has many built-in ways to report on categories, unless you have individual items that each belong to multiple categories. Have you wondered what’s the best way to report on scenarios like articles belonging to multiple topics or have multiple authors or events (user actions) related to more than one category, If so, this blog post is for you!

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Noteworthy Features of Firebase Analytics

May 19, 2016


The Google I/O conference is always full of fun announcements, and this year is no different! One announcement that really caught our eye was about Firebase, which is now becoming a “unified app platform”. Leveraging and building on the real-time database, user authentication, and cross-device tools that Firebase already has, this announcement adds analytics, error […]

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6 Free CRO Tools for UX and A/B Testing

May 18, 2016

blog-6-cro-tools-ux-ab-testing (1)

You did it! You drove traffic to that key page. As a seasoned marketer, you know not to celebrate yet. Some users will do what we want; convert on site, purchase, ask for more information, or simply enjoy our jazzy content. Others will leave and move on with their day. “But I want more!” I feel you! The next step is to test segments of traffic to see if we can increase performance.

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Deploying Google Tag Manager on Multiple Website Environments

May 16, 2016


Google Tag Manager drastically reduces the difficulty of adding tags to websites with its straightforward interface and built-in debug mode. The ability to test out tags on a live site before publishing is a priceless tool for streamlined deployment of advertising pixels, analytics tracking code and more. With the latest release of the Environments feature […]

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Self-Joins, Windowing, and User Defined Functions in BigQuery

May 12, 2016


Google’s BigQuery offers unprecedented access to Google Analytics data for Google Analytics 360 (Premium) customers. With great data comes great challenges, especially when you start attempting complicated calculations beyond the traditional metrics in Google Analytics. There are many ways to write queries in Google’s BigQuery, each has its strengths and weakness. Some of the basics of writing queries were covered in a previous post, but now we’re going to look at three different approaches to writing complex queries.

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Global Guidelines: EU & UK Data and Digital Marketing

May 11, 2016


As a marketer, the United States is a pretty grand ol’ place to be. This is where Google was born and bred, and we have freedom with the data we can access and use to better target potential customers.
However, this is not the only place where we do business, nor do our views on internet data apply worldwide.

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