Why AdWords Smart Goals Aren’t So Smart

May 23, 2017


For a while now, all AdWords advertisers have been battling with the usefulness of Smart Goals inside of Google Analytics. Some say it’s a terrible feature to use, while other (granted, it’s a small percentage) endorse it. I’ve had my doubts but wanted to do my own research. What are Smart Goals? Smart Goals is a goal […]

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Comparing Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics

May 19, 2017

In March of 2016, Google announced a new suite of enterprise-level products. Among them, Google Analytics Premium, which has been renamed to Google Analytics 360. Read more about the entire Google Analytics 360 suite. People often ask “What’s the difference between the standard, free version of Google Analytics and what you get with Google Analytics […]

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How To Use the Google Analytics Settings Variable in Google Tag Manager

May 18, 2017


One of the benefits of Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the option to configure advanced settings and fields within each individual tag. This provides granular control, which can be valuable in many cases, but you also might end up doing more repetitive configuration and maintenance than you’d like. Let’s say I need to set up […]

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The Value of Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 360

May 17, 2017


The integration between Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery is perhaps the most empowering feature in all of web analytics. (There, I said it!) Its hit-level data and cloud-based infrastructure give BigQuery analysis capabilities not found in other web analytics platforms, including both free tools and paid. BigQuery can be the link between third-party data and […]

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Google Analytics 360 Webinar: Unlocking Benefits For Your Entire Organization

May 16, 2017


Google Analytics 360 has changed the way large organizations and data-focused companies are making decisions – combining their website behavioral data with integrated tools to find insights, test and improve user experiences, make instant changes, and drive more traffic to their site. The process of deciding if Google Analytics 360 is right for your organization […]

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Using Google BigQuery Data in Your Data Studio Reports

May 15, 2017


Among its many benefits, Google Data Studio easily connects with Google BigQuery, giving you the ability build custom, shareable reports with your BigQuery data. Google Analytics 360 users that have set up the automatic BigQuery export will rejoice, but this benefit is not just limited to GA360 customers. Anyone with any data set in BigQuery […]

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Fast Digital Marketing Wins with Google Tag Manager

May 11, 2017


Let’s talk about this Google Tag Manager thing. It’s ok if you haven’t heard about Tag Manager, or GTM. If you’re not a regular follower of the LunaMetrics blog, you might not know that we have over 100 blog posts about Google Tag Manager, and you might not truly appreciate how much we love GTM […]

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Eliminate Display Advertising Waste: #NoRandos

May 9, 2017


Display advertising is truly controversial these days. This DigiDay piece from 2016 sheds light on some of the industry’s trying times. Shadiness abounds. If you run a business, someone has called you on the phone and offered you a run-of-site banner ad for a huge flat rate. There’s a better way though! Google’s Display Network […]

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Understanding Your Targeting Options on the Google Display Network

May 4, 2017

Understanding Target Options in Google Display Network

More than just simple definitions, this post provides an in-depth look at targeting options on the Display network. We will go deeper into targeting options that many seasoned PPC marketers may be aware of, but those of you setting up or managing campaigns for the first time may not be. For example… Did you know […]

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Integrating Google Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Campaign Manager

May 2, 2017


Google Analytics 360 customers that use DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) can take advantage of a native integration and link the two products together, bringing DCM data directly into your Google Analytics reports. Access your View-Through and Click-Through metrics within your Acquisition reporting and gain better insight into how your DCM traffic compares with other traffic […]

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