3 More Tips for a Stable Google Tag Manager Migration

October 5, 2015


With the anniversary of Google Tag Manager’s public release on October 1st (Happy 3rd Birthday!), the recent V2 upgrade and the new features that are continually being released, maybe we’ve finally convinced you to switch all of your tracking and tags to Google Tag Manager. We have an invaluable guide to safely migrating from on-page tracking […]

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Comparing Google Analytics Premium and Google Analytics

September 30, 2015


People often ask “What’s the difference between the standard, free version of Google Analytics and what you get with Google Analytics Premium?” Well, we decided to put together a handy comparison one-sheeter to help clarify the differences. Simply enter your email below to get the download link. Enter Your Email To Download The main differences […]

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Data Import Step-by-Step Guide for Google Analytics

September 28, 2015


Data Import is a feature that helps you combine data inside of Google Analytics with data you that you have outside of Google Analytics. Ideally, you’ll be able to use more personalized information inside of Google Analytics to help find meaningful and actionable insights. Not sure yet? Here’s an example: By default, Google Analytics can […]

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5 Considerations for Implementing Google Tag Manager on Mobile Apps

September 24, 2015

mobile app tracking with gtm

We’ve helped a number of companies implement the Google Tag Manager SDK on both Android and iOS apps. It’s a really powerful addition to your digital analytics arsenal for several reasons, and one that we generally recommend companies pursue when doing new Google Analytics implementations on their apps. This post, however, isn’t about those benefits. […]

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Use 6 Great Reports in AdWords Report Editor

September 21, 2015


We’ve been using AdWords Report Editor since it was in beta and wanted to share some of our favorite features of this super-slick reporting tool. Not only is it really fast, not only does it produce beautiful charts and graphs to share with your co-workers and clients, but it also allows us to visualize data […]

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How to Make YOY Bar Charts in Tableau

September 17, 2015


To make year-over-year bar charts in Tableau, follow my step-by-step guide below. You’ll learn a few Tableau basics that help with other data visualizations, too. The Goal: Chart side-by-side bars for each month Here’s what I want: Revenue for each month for the year to date, vs. the same month last year. By including the […]

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Tactics to Steal My Digital Marketing Job: College Edition

September 15, 2015


It’s that time of the year. Leaves are preparing to turn brown, pumpkin beer is back in style, and the cruel overlord known as “Pittsburgh Winter” is marching his army of ice demons towards our fair city as we speak. But more importantly, school is back in session. As a recent college graduate, I know the conflict […]

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Keyword Generation Tools & Tips

September 14, 2015

keyword suggestion tools and screenshots

The keyword research process, whether for paid SEM or SEO, should always start with 3 steps: Understand the mission – What are web goals? What you are selling? What kind of audience do you want to target? Brainstorm – Generate lists of as many relevant potential target keywords as you can. Analyze – Gather data and […]

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Guide to Google Analytics Site Speed Metrics

September 9, 2015


Typically, the excitement of reporting with Google Analytics starts with looking into your site’s audience, content and conversions. These reports steal the show by answering questions like which pages are most popular and which content is most valuable. While these are important data to analyze and share, consider the metrics about how your website is […]

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Flexin’ Out: Flexible Bid Strategies for AdWords Ballers

September 8, 2015


Many AdWords account are trapped in the No Flex Zone. Sidenote: No Flex Zone is an awesome hip-hop song, so you’ve got that going for you (Play loudly while reading this post please, headphones recommended). What you’re missing, however, is a method to mix-and-match bidding types for keywords that can function across campaigns or ad […]

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