Methods to Strip Queries from URLS in Google Analytics

April 17, 2015


Google Analytics has a user-friendly interface that makes editing your set-up relatively simple. However, when it comes to large accounts, performing view-level settings to be duplicated across tens or even hundreds of views within the same account isn’t as easy. One example is when you want to exclude one or more URL parameters from your reports […]

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Brand Campaign Groups in AdWords Beta

April 15, 2015


Have you seen the brand campaign groups featured in your AdWords account? It’s still early but this seems like a great high-level analysis tool for any advertisers interested in building their brand. You can roll together your display targeting and video campaigns into a single campaign group for easy spend analysis. This reporting feature places […]

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Google Tag Manager Version 2 Triggers: What You Need To Know

April 14, 2015


Monday, March 30th, Google officially released a timeline for migrating Google Tag Manager Accounts from version 1 of the interface to version 2 (Or v1 and v2 for short). Version 1 users will have until June 1st to manually opt in to upgrading to the v2 interface. Starting June 1st, Accounts not yet in the […]

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Is Your PPC Agency Doing Their Job?!

April 9, 2015


Marketers frequently attend AdWords training simply to better manage the company that manages their PPC campaigns. That should not be surprising. Not only is the company paying a lot of money for the ads, they are also paying for an agency to make the most of it. When that doesn’t happen, and ad spend is […]

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Tips for Boosting Web Presence with Trade Shows

April 8, 2015


Trade shows are an oft-overlooked opportunity to enhance web presence. Great content marketing, inbound marketing, backlinks, and social media all require establishing relationships with audience members. Without people who care about your brand or content, you don’t get shares, fans, links, long-term subscribers, repeat visits, or brand ambassadors (you just don’t get much of an […]

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Eliminating Bot Traffic from Google Analytics Once and For All

April 1, 2015


If you’ve used Google Analytics, you’ve probably wanted to know: how much of our traffic actually comes from real human beings? In Google Analytics, it’s not always clear. It is reported that bot traffic now accounts for 56% of all traffic on a typical website. We would hope that most of this traffic is eliminated […]

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Test AdWords Call-Only Ads Before Phoning It In

March 26, 2015


The AdWords team has introduced a new ad type to the mix – Call-only ads. This is a great addition for those who value a phone call even more than on-site engagement. It’s perfectly understandable to be skeptical as new features like these can be unpredictable when introduced to an account. Don’t fear though because, […]

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What is Link Bait?

March 26, 2015


Link bait is content on your website that other sites link to because they want to, not because you ask them to. Whether it’s an evergreen blog post, a helpful eBook, or a viral video, the linkable asset comes in many forms. Let’s take a look at the types and a few examples of link […]

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Using Google Tag Manager for Visitors Without JavaScript

March 23, 2015


Sometimes, it can be useful to track browsers that do not execute JavaScript, whether we’re tracking hits, email click throughs, or other image tags. This can help your organization gauge how many users cannot make use of JavaScript-powered features, determine if things like headless browser-based bots are frequently scraping your site, and understand more about […]

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Defining Audiences with Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

March 17, 2015


In 2012, Sayf introduced you to 20 useful ways to use custom variables. He provided five custom variables for each of the four main website types: Content Sites, Ecommerce Sites, Lead Generation Sites, and Self Service Sites. These are all still applicable today, even though we refer to these custom data definitions as custom dimensions […]

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