How Google Analytics Uses Cookies To Identify Users

August 17, 2017

Let’s talk about cookies and Google Analytics. Warning: this blog post does not talk about edible cookies. For recipes, go to the recipe section of our website. Just kidding, there’s nothing you can eat there either. It is a great resource for Google Tag Manager though! There are many different types of cookies, edible and […]

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Why Do We Track Outbound Link Clicks in Google Analytics?

August 15, 2017

Everyone will leave your website at some point – whether they close their browser, hit the back arrow, or click on another bookmark. Often, we have no insight into exactly why someone leaves, however, for some users, we can get an idea of where they go. I’m referring specifically to outbound links, which are links […]

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A Better Alternative To Exclude Filters in Google Analytics

August 10, 2017


I originally wrote this post back in 2014, but the concept and themes have proven valuable over the years, even if the screenshots have slipped out of date. I’ve updated the screenshots and the title. Originally, this post was titled “Say Goodbye to Exclude Filters in Google Analytics!” – which understandably elicited mixed reactions on […]

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New AdWords Features: How To Stay Up To Date

August 9, 2017

Paid Search, and Google AdWords in particular, moves fast. Just when you think your account build is complete now that Customer Match lists and Dynamic Search Ads have been added, you open Twitter and find a new feature you didn’t even know about yet! Keeping up to speed on changes is a big part of the […]

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Google Analytics 360 Starter Guide for Google BigQuery

August 3, 2017


Recent Google Analytics 360 customers will immediately want to get started using Google BigQuery, so we’ve summarized the steps and benefits to get off the ground running. We’ll cover specifically about how to enable BigQuery and the auto-export of Google Analytics data, plus we’ll provide some resources near the end for querying the data. General […]

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A Guide to Google Analytics 360 Suite Home

August 1, 2017


Last year, Google announced the Google Analytics 360 Suite. The Suite consists of 7 products, all of which live in the Google Analytics 360 Suite Home. The Google Analytics 360 Suite Home is the central location where customers will go to manage Google Analytics 360 and other 360 products. Most of the efforts will be […]

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Google Analytics API v4: Histogram Buckets

July 27, 2017

Google Analytics Histogram Bucket

Back in April of last year, Google released version 4 of their reporting API. One of the new features they’ve added is the ability to request histogram buckets straight from Google, instead of binning the data yourself. Histograms allow you to examine the underlying frequency distribution of a set of data, which can help you […]

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Connect Google Analytics Data To Your Tools via BigQuery

July 26, 2017


One of the huge advantages of Google Analytics 360 is the connect that pipes Google Analytics data directly into Google BigQuery. If you are a GA360 customer and you current create reports outside of the Google Analytics interface, in some other platform or tool, consider pulling data out of Google BigQuery rather than using the […]

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Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager with Content Security Policy

July 20, 2017


Content Security Policies are extremely helpful when configured properly, but may need to be updated to properly allow Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to function as expected. If your website is already using Content Security Policy, this blog post will explain how to modify your policy to allow Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. […]

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Sudden Spike in Google Analytics Spam Traffic? Let’s Find Out Why!

July 18, 2017


Sometimes your Google Analytics data just looks wrong. In fact, sometimes looking at the data – it’s clear that the data you’re seeing could not have been caused by normal users visiting your site. These strange occurrences usually happen for a reason, but you may have to do a little digging to figure out why. […]

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