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Using Fields to Set in Google Tag Manager

September 27, 2016

There is a field and there is a (sun) set. Get it?

The tag templates in Google Tag Manager are great, but sometimes you just need a little more customization. Maybe you want to have more control over your users’ cookies or you might need to send a virtual pageview. Or maybe you just want to set up cross-domain tracking. In all of these cases, a standard […]

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Capture Submitted Form Values with Google Tag Manager

September 22, 2016

Use GTM to track form values

Have you ever wished you could see the submitted values of a form in Google Analytics? Often, forms on our websites are used to capture valuable information about an individual. Once submitted, that information may go to another system or website and be hard to tie back to the online visitor who submitted the form. […]

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Speed Up Your Website With Google Tag Manager

September 21, 2016

Speed Up Website With Google Tag Manager

Among the many benefits of Google Tag Manager, you’ve most likely heard about how easy it is to implement all kinds of great tracking to your website. Or maybe, you’ve heard about how it makes it easy to manage your complicated tagging across your website or websites, with great features like version control or the […]

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The Google Analytics 7: APIs to Explore and Inspire

September 15, 2016


An API (application program interface) is a set of instructions that you give a program to get what you want. It’s like getting a secret phrasebook to communicate with the program- the instructions matter because saying ‘Open the Door’ may not do anything but saying ‘Open Sesame’ will lead you to your next objective. For […]

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Get the Recipe: Hover Tracking in Google Tag Manager

September 14, 2016


Question: Can we track hover events? Answer: Yes, with our Google Tag Manager recipe! What is the Hover Listener Recipe? Out of the box, Google Tag Manager is pretty flexible. Several types of triggers are available that listen for certain actions or events, such as clicks, form submissions, history changes and more (read Zee’s post for […]

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Ways to Test Your Ecommerce Analytics Setup

September 8, 2016


Like any computer system, website analytics shouldn’t be trusted until it has been verified. Many parts of a Google Analytics implementation are easy to verify: Nobody really minds if you go to their website and click around random pages, looking for pageviews and link tracking. Testing form submission tracking can be labor-intensive if they have […]

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Integrating Google Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Bid Manager

September 6, 2016

Integrate GA and DBM

Among the many great features of Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) is the ability to to share data with other Google products. Among them is the DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) integration. You may not have expected it, but they were made for each other. They go together like peanut butter and chocolate. What’s more, underneath […]

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Track Angular Exceptions Automagically In Google Analytics

September 1, 2016

track angular exceptions in google analytics

We use AngularJS at LunaMetrics as part of the stack for our internal toolset. One of the things we wanted to do early on was track exceptions thrown in the application with Google Analytics, something I’ve always advocated for. The project I contribute to, Angulartics, DOES support error tracking, but it’s up to you to […]

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