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Nail Your First AdWords Campaign: Agency Tips & Tricks

May 5, 2016

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Starting your first AdWords campaign can be tricky. You have to learn AdWords’ confusing interface, understand what people are searching for, how to serve your ads to the right people … the list goes on. One small mistake can cost a lot of money, unfortunately. Nobody wants to make expensive mistakes, so we’re here to help you get your first campaign right.

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Integrating AngularJS and Google Tag Manager

May 4, 2016


If you’ve added Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to an Angular app, you were in for a surprise. After deploying your code, you may have popped open the Real Time Reports and saw… nothing.

Well, not nothing, but not a whole lot of anything. Where are the page paths? Hell, where are the pageviews? You dove into the Google Analytics and came back disappointed. Finally, you hit the search results – someone, somewhere had to know what to do.

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Tackle Ecommerce Strategy with Google Shopping Campaigns

May 2, 2016

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Shopping campaigns, like those you might see in a Google search, are among the most prominent B2C ecommerce uses of the Google AdWords platform. You can build a detailed and affordable ecommerce marketing solution if you take the time to invest in the right technologies and product integrations ahead of campaign launch. Let’s take a look at our approach to building and launching these sort of AdWords campaigns.

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Scroll Tracking in Google Analytics: Why & How to Implement

April 25, 2016


Let’s start with a simple question – Are people reading the content on your site? You might think, “Well, that’s silly! Obviously people are reading my content! It’s amazing content!” Of course it is … but how do you really know people are reading it? Are they reading the entire article or only the first paragraph or two?

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Compare Actual vs Predicted Data with Google Analytics and CausalImpact

April 21, 2016

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Google Analytics (GA) is a great tool for collecting and analyzing web site data, but it’s not without its limitations. If you need to run more advanced analyses, you probably find yourself pulling the data out of GA and putting it into other complementary tools, such as R, Tableau, Shufflepoint (and more!). Today’s focus will be on CausalImpact, an open-source package in R developed by the data gurus themselves (Google).

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Avoid the Data Doldrums: 3 Ways to Stay On-Course in Analytics

April 20, 2016


You have a client that started a betting pool. They need to determine how many transatlantic ship voyages ended in calamity. They really want to win and are willing to devote all resources at their disposal to win the $500 prize and a pizza. They are willing to split the pizza with you. Their resources include your wits and the internet. Very excited at the prospect of a free lunch, you dive into the task at hand.

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Google Tag Manager Naming Strategies to Organize Your Container

April 18, 2016


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a great tool for creating, keeping, and delivering tags to your website. When you spend time in GTM, you start to realize that an established naming convention helps you be more productive and keep your container organized. This blog post introduces our recommended naming conventions for GTM.

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Buy-To-Cart Rates by Digging Deep in GA Enhanced Ecommerce

April 14, 2016


Enhanced Ecommerce in GA is great because it gives detail about how users interact with products. It has a wealth of reports about where users saw products, whether they viewed the product detail page, added the product to their cart, and ultimately made a purchase. Let’s take a look at how to get this information!

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