10 Reasons to Start Using Google Tag Manager Right Now

March 23, 2017


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that has streamlined the process of creating tags to send user interaction data to Google Analytics (GA). Using GTM will save you time, add scalability to your site implementation, is easy to use, and yet also gives you enough creative space to create complex, customized tags. […]

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Group Content by Usage Patterns with Google Analytics and LDA

March 21, 2017


There are often many ways of classifying your content. In fact, Google Analytics has five different available slots for creating content groups. These content groups allow you to see aggregated metrics for related content. However, before you can aggregate these metrics, you have to decide how you want to group the content. You may have […]

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Migrating Complicated Websites to Google Tag Manager

March 16, 2017


Google Tag Manager makes managing the Google Analytics tags on your website simpler and easier. It’s the single place where all your tags live. It allows you to update, test, and deploy changes at your own pace, and it provides a single, consistent interface for all your Google Analytics Events, along with any other tags […]

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How Big Is Your Metric Share in Google Analytics?

March 9, 2017


You get the big picture from your top-level metrics or KPIs, but to find action items you need to look more closely. Focus on one contributor to a top-level metric like sessions. For example, you could look at mobile sessions instead of all sessions. How’s your new responsive site doing? Specifically, what is mobile’s metric […]

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Updated Instructions for Implementing Google Optimize

March 2, 2017


Getting Google Optimize installed on your website isn’t the most straightforward process. While the tool itself allows users with even minimal technical experience to begin testing simple changes on their website in a matter of minutes, installation may require an upfront effort with close collaboration with your development or IT team. Recently I wrote a […]

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Case Study: Audience Modeling with Google Analytics 360 and Google Cloud Platform

March 1, 2017


Google recently published a case study with LunaMetrics and PBS where we used Google Analytics 360, BigQuery, and Google Cloud Datalab to perform a clustering analysis on website audiences. The case study is worth checking out, but here’s a quick summary. PBS.org is a digital content hub with supporting information and streaming video for PBS […]

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Encrypting Emails for Google AdWords Customer Match

February 28, 2017


Google Adwords’ Customer Match feature is an incredible tool in the Search Marketer’s arsenal. The ability to create audiences directly from first-party data in the form of email list uploads allows marketers to directly target existing customers and uploaded sales prospects with AdWords Search, YouTube & Gmail Ads. There’s no cost to try it out […]

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Data Connectors and Data Sources in Data Studio

February 23, 2017


When we talk about Google’s Data Studio, data connectors, data sources and data sets, that’s a whole lot of ‘data’ to be throwing around and it can cause some confusion. Since these are the fundamental and only ways to get information into your reports, short of copy-and-pasting (please don’t do this), it’s worth having a solid […]

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