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Say Goodbye to Exclude Filters in Google Analytics!

Use Google Tag Manager to Protect Your DataNo need to panic, Exclude Filters aren’t going away anytime soon! However, after reading this post you may not WANT to use Exclude Filters as frequently.  There are still many valid reasons why you may need to set them up, but when possible – it might be time to eliminate them.

Just as a quick refresher, you can use the Exclude Filters in Google Analytics to block traffic data from certain sources from showing up in a particular view.  Sometimes these are used to partition data into one view or another, for example, think of creating separate views for Internal or External Traffic.  For these use cases, Filters work beautifully. You can filter based off of IP Address, Hostname, Service Provider, etc…

But then there are those occasions where you want to block out traffic completely.  Just as easily, you can set up an Exclude filter for each of your views, and poof! The data has disappeared!  Except, it hasn’t really.

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Using Google Think Insights to Make Client Recommendations (+ HTML5 Adoption Infographic!)

thinkinsightsHave you had situations with PPC or SEO accounts where you’ve got a great new tool or feature to present to the client, but just can’t find a concrete or data-driven way to present the benefits? It can be difficult to accomplish easily. Sure you can Photoshop up your own diagram or chart, but where’s the data that proves it will work? If you have the data, it may be time-prohibitive to turn it into a great visual. That’s why I love Google’s Think Insights website.  I’m a case-study fanatic and I love to see how other agencies and clients use the tools we are all so familiar with to create new campaigns and push the boundaries of digital marketing. It inspires me to push for progress. I also know that many of my clients don’t have the time to follow digital marketing trends in the way that I do. Think Insights provides so many cool tools and reports to share with your clients. I’ve found numerous reports and data that I can point a client to and say “This is what we’re trying to do!”. Read More…

Tracking Offline Transactions with Universal Analytics


“We don’t do ecommerce, we just have a lead generation form.”

Google Analytics last fall shot some video talking about Universal Analytics that featured Dan Wilkerson and myself here at LunaMetrics. At one part of the video I talk briefly about Georges Seurat’s painting ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’.
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AdWords Conversion Tracking: BIG Changes.

blog 6

Perhaps one of the biggest changes since the Enhanced Campaigns announcement, which seems like ages ago. Come to think of it, AdWords changes in the past year have been blowing my mind. From the Ad Rank calculation change, to the color scheme switcheroo and now a change in conversion tracking? Touché, AdWords, touché.

If you haven’t read it already, check out the AdWords blog post from Tuesday which also has a video and an infographic for you visual folks out there.

What you need to know: Read More…

Making URLs Better Through Content Grouping in Google Analytics

URLs are often one of the most problematic labels for data in web analytics: they’re messy, full of inconsistency, gunked up with a bunch of query parameters that may or may not be useful to you. It tends to make analyzing your content a mess.

Here, sort this stack of needles.

Here, sort this stack of needles.

There are a number of suggestions for cleaning up those URLs Read More…

Resources, On Resources, On Design Resources

Hmm…I wonder what this post is about.

You don’t spend endless hours online without coming across some great websites that the average person wouldn’t find. I have folders and folders of these sites and thought offloading some of them into a blog post would be useful for some. The following resources focus on design: free stock image sites, free vector graphic sites, color generates, pattern generators, and a couple great free font and data visualization websites.
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Segment Your Bounce Rate – GA’s Full Potential

segment your bounces finished

Not All Bounces are Created Equal

Interaction Events and Bounce Rate

The great customizability of Google Analytics implementations can at times be a double-edged sword. We are living in the golden age of analytics and we of course we want to collect as much metadata associated with our traffic as possible. The caveat is that, with each added layer of complexity to our GA tracking, we must ensure consistency across our website. We must be especially careful that our KPIs are comparable for cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis. Read More…

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