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What Customers are Saying About Us

Here are some things that we’ve heard from our customers. We usually get some nice notes in an email and then ask permission to print it.

“Luna Metrics has had a major impact in our PPC campaign success and our SEO. The key indicator for us is organic search where we have improved every year that we have worked with Luna. As the business and industry evolves, we need to evolve and they have helped us recognize trends and adapt ahead of the curve. Our goal completions are up and that is the major driver of revenue for our business. Quite simply, Luna helps us make money.”

- Doug Yarabinetz, Director of Marketing, Sherpa Software

“Although we’ve only been a customer for a short time, I can tell you already that I am DELIGHTED with both the skill set, knowledge and customer service I am receiving from LunaMetrics. It’s so rare to find a consultancy who can not only help us get the most out of Google Analytics, but more importantly can help us tease out what the numbers are telling us, which numbers to really focus on, and use the analytics to both formulate and execute a viable, ongoing optimization strategy.”

- David Newcorn, VP Digital & Custom Media, Packworld/Summit Publishing

“I just wanted to let you know that I found your Google Analytics 201 and 301 training classes to be very valuable. I’ve been using Google Analytics for more than 5 years managing more than 130 sites. Even with that experience I found the classes very useful and am going back to work with a list of improvements to implement. We also sent a new staff member to the 101 class this week and she too left feeling confident that she knows how to be immediately productive with Google Analytics. I’m already planning on sending more of my staff to your classes. Keep up the good work.”

- Eric Palmer, Director of Web Services, University of Richmond

“Google Analytics and LunaMetrics jumpstarted our transition to a decentralized approach to analytics that better serves the distributed network of stakeholders at PBS.”

- Amy Sample, Sr. Director, Digital Analytics, PBS

“Thanks for talking about social media, LunaMetrics! I love your systematic approach to working with clients. I think you do great work!”

- Maggie Myslinska, Program Manager, Microsoft

We’re always happy to hear from our clients and gratified when they have nice things to say.

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