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Google Analytics Training

Why learn Google Analytics from LunaMetrics?

Google Analytics Certified Trainer

  • We were chosen by Google to run “official” Google Analytics seminars (“Seminars for Success”)
  • We’ve trained at the most famous of organizations and at the smallest; online and in person. We even train while waiting in airports, or visiting our friends on vacation.
  • And as you can probably tell — we really love to teach and watch you learn.

Three ways to learn about Google Analytics:

1. Google Analytics Seminars in a city near you

I’ve been using Google Analytics for more than 5 years managing more than 130 sites. Even with that experience, I found the classes very useful & I’m going back to work with a list of improvements to implement. We also sent a new staff member to the 101 class this week & she too left feeling confident that she knows how to be immediately productive with Google Analytics. I’m already planning on sending more of my staff to your classes. – Eric Palmer, Director of Web Services, University of Richmond

LunaMetrics is a Google Analytics Certified Trainer.  We periodically host training days, open to the public, in major cities near us, so that you can come and learn.  Our seminars are three days long, although you will probably want to choose the days that work for your level and your requirements.

Our Seminars for Success last from 8:30AM to 5:00PM, providing you with breakfast & lunch. There are multiple opportunities to ask questions and talk with our trainers one on one. Feel free to ask questions during the training, before the training, during the breaks, during lunch or at the end of the day.

2.   In-person training at your company

Periodically, organizations ask us to train them in person, at their location. You can learn about Google Analytics training costs here for on-location work.

Why have training at your location?

I loved the training Jonathan Weber provided yesterday. His knowledge of ACC, GA and communication skills were a perfect match. It was an excellent use of time and money. – John McAndrew, CTO, Association of Corporate Counsel

  • If you have many employees to train, you will probably save money over our public training.
  • You don’t have to travel – even across town – for training.
  • We’ll use your company data, if you like
  • We’ll work with you to customize the day(s) to meet your exact needs.

Interested in the on-location training? Call us at 412-381-5500, send us email, or contact us.

3. Live webinar training: Learn from the Comfort of your Desk

Technology is so awesome. We can share a screen with you and train you without you leaving your office. You can have colleagues join you, or join in from other locations, and all be trained together. This will be personalized, like our in-person training at your company.  We do webinar training as part of larger packages that may include a Google Analytics audit or GA setup.

Learn more about Google Analytics training by webinar. Contact us, call us at 412-381-5500 or email us