Upcoming LunaMetrics Seminars
Boston, Apr 6-10 Los Angeles, Apr 13-16 Atlanta, Apr 27-30 Washington DC, May 11-15

Seminars FAQ

Something might come up at the last minute, can I cancel for a full refund?

You can cancel until the close of business two Fridays before the week of our classes. Send email to getinfo@lunametrics.com. If you cancel the week before training, we can reschedule you to any other class in any city (based on availability), or you may send a colleague in your place. And if you think you would like to come, but are just a little worried that it might not work for you, we strongly encourage you to register now before the seats fill up.

How appropriate is it for my level of knowledge?

We work really hard to please a wide range of knowledge and backgrounds with the courses that we offer.

GA 101 Beginner Analysis: We have found that past attendees with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, business analysis, web development and sales have benefited from this seminar. It is helpful if you’ve already created an Analytics account and have a website or blog that you can refer to, but this is not required. We start from the very beginning, introducing you to the fundamentals of web analytics, and we will have live examples to show you.

GA 201 Intermediate Analysis: This course assumes a basic knowledge of Google Analytics (equivalent to Analytics 101). Attendees with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, business analysis, web development and sales will benefit from this seminar.

GA 301 Technical Implementation: This course assumes a basic knowledge of Analytics (equivalent to Analytics 101). This is a more technical seminar than the 101 and 201 courses and also assumes a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. Attendees with responsibilities as a web designer, developer, or webmaster, as well as anyone who desires a deeper understanding of how Google Analytics works and how it is implemented, will benefit from this seminar.

We like to say that, if Google Analytics were a car:

  • 101 is basic driver’s ed.
  • 201 is how to drive a race car.
  • 301 is how to be a mechanic.

Who are the trainers?

Google Analytics Certified Trainer Seminars for Success is a Google-sponsored program for training on Google Analytics and other products. LunaMetrics is a Google-approved seminar leader as well as a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Google Website Optimizer Certified Partner, and Google AdWords Certified Partner.

Will I be able to follow along with the trainer?

Yes, everyone who comes will get a flash drive with materials to follow along with the presentation and demonstrations.

Should I bring my laptop (and will there be Internet access?)

The decision is yours, but we STRONGLY recommend it. There will be wireless for all (no charge), and with your laptop, you can also try out some of the new techniques and ideas we will be teaching about. The rooms will have tables/desks, so that you won’t be balancing your coffee/laptop and briefcase.

What time does it start/finish? Will the day include meals?

We generally start at 8:30 AM for registration and coffee. Training will begin at 9:00 and lunch is provided at noon. We end around 4:30 or 5:00 PM.

Which hotel/public transportation/parking lots should I use?

See the detailed information for your city (links in the right sidebar above) for guidance on hotels, transportation, and parking.

What is the dress code?

We have no dress code for our trainings, but most people opt for business casual attire.

Will I receive a certification after completing this course?

You will receive a certificate from LunaMetrics for completing this course. There is not really such a thing as Google Analytics certification, but you can become a qualified individual by taking the GAIQ exam (which is not part of our training).

Will this training prepare me to pass the GAIQ exam?

The Seminars for Success trainings are designed to give marketers, webmasters, and developers a thorough understanding of using Google Analytics in their work. Although it covers most, if not all of the content that the GAIQ exam tests for, it is not focused around the criteria of this test.