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Intro to Google Analytics Training 101

Whether you are new to web analytics in general, new to using Google Analytics, or need a refresher on the basic Google Analytics reports and tools, Google Analytics 101 is for you. We’ll start from the basic metrics and reports and build an understanding of what data are important and how to use the reporting tools in Google Analytics to manipulate these data to answer your questions.

This course covers the basics of the Google Analytics tool and is applicable for websites using classic Google Analytics as well as sites who have upgraded to Universal Analytics.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

This session will start with some real basics, such as learning how to sign up for an account, and will move on to give you an overview of the main sections of GA. Things you’ll learn:

  • What are we trying to figure out with analytics?
  • How does Google Analytics work?
  • What do the metrics mean? Which ones do we care about?

Traffic Sources: How did they get here?

You’ll get a very high-level overview of GA’s traffic capabilities, and then get down to the level of dimensions vs. metrics, medium vs. source. Things you’ll learn:

  • Where do visitors come from?
  • Direct, referring sites, search engines and keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Tagging campaigns for email, social media, and offline marketing

Content: What did they do on the site?

Once the visitor arrives, what did they do? Which pages were looked at, which pages cause the visitor to leave, which pages should you be testing, how is your on-site search doing? Things you’ll learn:

  • Which pages did they view?
  • Where did they land? How did they navigate?
  • What did they search for?

Visitors: Who are these people, anyway?

You can use the Visitor reports to learn what language preference your visitors have, what continent/country/region/city they visited from, and even, at times, the name of their company. Things you’ll learn:

  • How unique visitors are measured
  • Geography
  • Custom variables

Goals and Ecommerce: Did they do what we wanted them to do?

What are goals, how do you set them up, how do they differ from ecommerce, what are the special reports (days to purchase, visits to purchase) that the ecommerce provides? What’s so great about goals (or ecommerce, anyway?) Things you’ll learn:

  • How goals are defined
  • Goal reporting
  • Ecommerce reporting

Actionable Insights and the Big Picture

We’ll review the major takeaways from the day (so that you have some to-do’s for the next day) and help you understand how to get the rest of the organization on board. Things you’ll learn:

  • Takeaways
  • Sharing and communicating data with email, exports, dashboards, and shortcuts

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