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Intermediate Google Analytics Training 201

The Google Analytics 201 course assumes a basic familiarity with Google Analytics reports and metrics. It explores advanced analysis tools and additional types of reporting in Google Analytics that go beyond the basics.

This course is appropriate for websites using classic Google Analytics as well as sites who have upgraded to Universal Analytics. Some Universal Analytics only features will be discussed and compared to the classic Google Analytics.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Learn powerful tools in Google Analytics for finding what’s important in your analytics data. Intelligence alerts will help you find the data you should be paying attention to. Real-time reports will help you respond to what’s going on right now on your site, and annotations help keep track of it all.

Conversions & Analytics Strategy

Learn how to have goals for your analysis (not just for your data) and an analysis strategy. Things you’ll learn:

  • What are our goals for analysis?
  • Who are our audiences? What do we want them to do?
  • What other sources of data should we consider?

Analysis: Putting it all together

Learn to ask deep questions of your data in Google Analytics, combining data from multiple reports and across dimensions, and slicing and dicing your data to get just the details you want. Things you’ll learn:

  • Using the secondary dimension and pivot view in reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards and Shortcuts
  • Advanced Segments
  • Employing custom dimensions and metrics to measure additional information in Google Analytics.

Advanced Reporting: Social Media

How much traffic do you get from social sites? What do they do? Does social sharing drive additional traffic and conversions? We’ll delve into the social reports in Google Analytics to explore this important channel.

Advanced Reporting: Conversion Attribution

How does Google Analytics give credit to traffic sources when a conversion occurs? What happens when a visitor comes once by a paid search ad, then the next time by organic search – which gets the credit? We’ll talk about attribution modeling and use the Multi-Channel Funnel reports and Attribution Modeling tool to measure visitor behavior over multiple visits before conversion to more fairly credit your sources for their contributions.

Advanced Reporting: Navigation & Flow Reports

We’ll take a look at the navigation reporting capabilities in Google Analytics, including the Behavior Flow visualization to understand visitors’ paths through the site.

Advanced Reporting: Non-Pageview Interactions

How do we measure downloads? Video plays? Link clicks? We’ll talk about how Google Analytics can measure these. Things you’ll learn:

  • Interaction tracking options: event tracking, social interaction tracking, and virtual pageviews
  • Naming and categorizing interaction events
  • Event reporting

Advanced Reporting: Mobile Sites & Applications

We’ll talk about how Google Analytics deals with mobile devices – both visiting websites, as well as measuring native mobile applications.

Website Testing with Content Experiments

An introduction to website experimentation to improve your conversion rate: the why’s and how’s of Google Analytics A/B tests with Content Experiments. Things you’ll learn:

  • Website experimentation to improve conversions
  • Types of testing
  • Testing data
  • Introduction to Content Experiments (Formerly Google Website Optimizer)

So You’re Not a Developer…

Even if you don’t continue with the Google Analytics 301 course (about implementation), it’s important to know the basics of how Google Analytics works and what your options are for configuring it. We’ll talk about some of the most common scenarios and what you should know, including:

  • Dealing with subdomains or multiple domains
  • Creating a test view
  • Filtering internal traffic and creating views with subsets of your website traffic

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