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Google Analytics Implementation Training 301

The Google Analytics 301 course covers implementing and configuring Google Analytics to ensure it gives you data about your website in the most useful and accurate ways. It assumes a basic familiarity with the reports and metrics in Google Analytics as well as a basic familiarity with HTML. JavaScript development experience is not required.

Configuration and Administration Training

How accounts and profiles are organized, and how to manage user access. Things you’ll learn:

  • Relationship between usernames, accounts, web property IDs and profiles
  • How to add a user; difference between administrator and read-only users
  • Navigate account and profile settings
  • Profile settings

How Google Analytics Tracking Code Works

The low-down details about how Google Analytics measures your site. How the JavaScript tracking code works with GIF requests and cookies, as well as alternate tracking options and the migration path to Universal Analytics. Things you’ll learn:

  • How Google Analytics works
  • Classic asynchronous and Universal Analytics code
  • Alternative tracking code (mobile apps, etc.)

Cleaning Up Your Data

Learn how you can use filters to manipulate the data in Google Analytics, including an introduction to regular expressions for matching and replacing patterns in text. Best practices for filters and profile settings including removing internal traffic, cleaning up URLs, and setting up site search. Things you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • Removing internal traffic
  • Cleaning up URLs and other data

Measuring Conversion

How to set up goals and funnels in Google Analytics, including examples and hard-to-track goals. Implementing ecommerce tracking code for ecommerce sites. Things you’ll learn:

  • Setting up goals
  • Ecommerce tracking code

Measuring Traffic

How campaign tagging works and dealing with redirects and other situations. How to integrate AdWords accounts with Google Analytics. Things you’ll learn:

  • Linking and AdWords account with Google Analytics
  • Using manual campaign tagging
  • Understanding options for changing how manual tagging functions
  • Add additional search engines to Google Analytics
  • Troubleshoot problems with tracking traffic sources, such as self-referrals

Measuring Content

Using Event Tracking to track downloads, outbound links, interactive AJAX elements, and other non-pageview events, including how to use tracking within Flash. Integrating AdSense tracking with Google Analytics. Tracking interactions with social plugins on your page (Facebook like, shares, tweets, etc.). Things you’ll learn:

  • Setting up Site Search reporting
  • Measuring downloads, outbound links, videos, etc.
  • Event Tracking and virtual pageviews
  • Flash
  • Social tracking

Measuring Visitors

Using custom variables to track information about visitors. Things you’ll learn:

  • Changing the expiration date of Google Analytics cookies
  • Understanding the use of custom dimensions/metrics
  • Implementing custom dimensions/metrics code

Managing Cookies and Tracking

How cookies work in Google Analytics, tracking traffic on multiple domains or subdomains, avoiding conflicts with Google Content Experiments. Things you’ll learn:

  • Understanding how Google Analytics uses cookies to store information
  • Understanding the issues with tracking domains and subdomains
  • Implementing tracking for subdomains and cross domains

Extracting Data

Tools within Google Analytics such as exporting and emailing reports in various formats, as well as an introduction to the data export API. Things you’ll learn:

  • Using tools to export, email and schedule reports
  • Creating custom reports
  • Understanding the scope of the Google Analytics API

Other Resources

We’ll point you in the right direction to find additional documentation, code, and resources for Google Analytics implementation, as well as an introduction to Google Tag Manager.

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