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Google Analytics & Adwords Trainers: Who are they, anyway?

Google Analytics Certified TrainerOur trainers are part of Google’s Seminars for Success program and are Google Certified Trainers.

Jonathan Weber

Google Analytics TrainerJonathan Weber regularly conducts Google Analytics training seminars for individuals who are interested in learning more about GA. He also works extensively to train companies at their sites, and has acted as the trainer for Google Analytics seminars that other organizations are giving for their members. Jonathan actively applies his knowledge every day through installing, configuring and interpreting Google Analytics, Google Content Experiments and other online measurement tools. This in the trenches day-to-day interaction with the various technologies keeps his working knowledge fresh; he brings his awareness of technological changes to the table at each seminar he leads. Before he worked in web analytics, Jonathan was an information architect and business analyst in the area of knowledge management. He has a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences and an undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics.

Jim Gianoglio

Jim Gianoglio Jim Gianoglio has been helping people understand how to use Google Analytics for several years. He teaches at training seminars and works one-on-one with business users and digital marketers to get the most out of their data. He spends a lot of time in the trenches, working directly with clients to implement and configure their GA, set up custom reports and provide advanced analysis. Before moving into web analytics, Jim led the SEO campaigns of Fortune 500 companies in the insurance, retail and CPG industries. He has a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Art from Ashland University, where he focused on photojournalism.


Alex Moore

Alex Moore Alex Moore is our Lead Analyst at LunaMetrics, and he has been using Google Analytics since 2006. Alex is always eager to teach on any topic, and he regularly conducts Google Analytics training seminars across the country. Alex is a bit of a jack of all trades, with interests from JavaScript and front-end design, to PHP and advanced APIs. He works closely with clients of all sizes and industries, both to develop an analytics strategy, and to implement custom tracking code site-wide. Since the introduction of Google Tag Manager, Alex has found himself using the tool to implement Analytics and rearchitect JavaScript. His ability to speak with authority on many topics gives his trainings a well-rounded focus. He is also happy to answer any questions from attendees, during and after each training. Before his career in data, Alex was involved in peace studies with a focus on religious conflict, receiving his master’s degree in Ecumenics from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He also has an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in philosophy, English literature and classics.


Stephen Kapusta

Stephen Kapusta Stephen Kapusta has over six years of real-world digital marketing insight across a variety of business verticals including eCommerce, B2B, industrial, software, education and more. His focus on practical account structure and management is influenced by a strong belief in providing quality user experience as a means to complete business objectives. If Stephen is your trainer, expect to learn a great deal about conventional (and sometimes not-so-conventional) implementation of Google Search and Google Display ads and how you might utilize each channel to meeting your marketing goals. When Stephen is not actively training, he is the Senior Paid Search Analyst at LunaMetrics working one-on-one with clients to build a strong digital foothold in PPC. His Bachelor of Communications, earned while attending the University of Pittsburgh, has provided a well-rounded foundation for success by providing the key tools necessary in the realm of pay-per-click advertising.