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Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

Google Analytics users and webmasters ask us to audit their setup when they:

  • Doubt their data (something just doesn’t make sense.)
  • Are unsure if they had the expertise to do a complicated setup (and don’t have time to learn)
  • Need to prove to their boss or investors that the work they did was correct (third part accreditation)
  • Want to be sure that their Google Analytics setup utilizes best practices

We typically run through a list of standard issues as well as address the specific issues that brought the customer to us in the first place.

If you are “all set up” but have some doubts — or someone at your organization has some doubts — consider a Google Analytics Audit. We’ll help you get clean data so that you can confidently make decisions based upon it.

Interested? Contact us, call us at 412-381-5500 or email us