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Google Analytics Data Analysis

Google Analytics Consultants for your data

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant
Google chose to make LunaMetrics a Google Analytics Certified Partner because of our extensive experience and success with GA and analysis.  Once Google Analytics is installed on your site, we can use the data it gathers to give you actionable insights into user behavior on your website. We’ll help you make discoveries in areas like:

  • Marketing Initiatives: Which of your marketing initiatives are most effective? Where should you increase/decrease your marketing spend?
  • ROI: How much is a lead worth to your site and how much should you pay for advertising?
  • Visitor Profiling: What are the characteristics of visitors who are likely to turn into customers and how can you get more visitors like that?
  • Visitor Engagement: Just because you don’t have ecommerce or lead generation doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a lot from your Google Analytics. How often do visitors come back, how long do they stay, how involved are they with your website?
  • Content: Which pages on your site do visitors hate? With which sections are you having success (and how can you amplify that success?)

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