Google Analytics Premium

LunaMetrics is more than just another Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller; we bring strategy to your metrics. When you choose LunaMetrics as your Google Analytics Premium vendor, you're choosing to take advantage of our years of experience in the digital marketing intelligence world - and you wouldn't be the first.

Our Google Analytics Premium Clients include

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  We don't just install your Premium Analytics - we partner with you from the beginning and discover the metrics that matter for your business, then work with you to create ways to measure them. That means a dedicated account manager working with your team, including one-on-one phone time on a weekly basis, providing key insights on new features and implementations for your brand. That means 24/7 support through our team and Google. And that means service level agreements that ensure your data is always fresh and up-to-date.

What is Google Analytics Premium?

Google Analytics Premium is an enterprise web analytics solution offered by Google for web properties who need more capacity than what the free version of the suite can offer. Here are some highlights:

Google Analytics Provides More Data with

More Data

Minimum of 100x more pageviews, with available package levels in the tens of billions Up to 50 Custom Variables & 3 million rows of downloadable unsampled reports data

Faster processing of Google Analytics data and faster support including


4 hour data processing times, guaranteed by Service Level Agreements 24/7 support and a dedicated LunaMetrics Analyst

Data of a better quality and wider breadth through

Better Service

Unsampled reporting with 100% of your visits Access to confidential and premium-only features Ownership agreements that give you control of your data

Is Google Analytics Premium what I need?

If you're a company dealing with traffic in the millions, or need more insight than 5 Custom Variables can offer, Google Analytics Premium might be what you need. And if it's not - we'll tell you! We'd rather lose the sale than take work that we can't deliver on 100%. So contact us now at or 412-381-5500 and find out if Google Analytics Premium is the solution your brand is looking for.