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Google Analytics Setup

Configuration and Implementation for your Google Analytics

LunaMetrics does a lot of work in Google Analytics set up. We work with hard set ups and easy ones, too.

A few personalizations that don’t come “out of the box” (more challenging setups) include:Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

  • Cross-Domain Tracking: If your site goes from www.mysite.com to mysite.shopping.com, you’ve got two domains — and need cross domain tracking. What happens when you have three? Four?
  • Multiple sets of Tracking Code: Need to roll up all your accounts together (and still look at them apart?) Maybe you need multiple trackers. ┬áSpeaking of which — we can use this technique to create a private benchmark for your vertical.
  • Tracking more than Pages: As the Internet changes, so GA changes with it. Need to track your flash? How about your videos or other rich media? Not only can we help you set it up, but we’ll show you alternatives so that you can choose what meets your business objectives.
  • User management for enterprises. Large companies often need a company like ours to create workarounds for users, so that some people have admin rights — but only over certain profles. Sounds hard, but our experience in multiple sets of code enables us to create these rights.
  • Measuring uniques. Sure, we can do cross domain tracking, but what happens when you need to measure unique visitors and don’t care if the duplicate visits ever went from one site to another?
  • Integrations. How about integrating your Google Analytics with your CRM?

Maybe your Google Analytics setup isn’t so hard?

You might not have any of those issues (or the many more not mentioned here.) You might need a pretty standard setup, and you just don’t have time to learn it yourself. Yes, we’re happy to help, and no, it doesn’t have to be fancy!

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