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Google & LunaMetrics

Google partnered with us for a number of reasons, primarily because of our extensive knowledge and experience with Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer (now Content Experiments), Google AdWords and non-profits.

Google Analytics Consultant

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant
LunaMetrics is a Google Analytics Certified Partner (formerly known as a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant.) LunaMetrics is one of a small handful of consultants in the country that Google chose to partner with them in Analytics. We work with Google and other Certified Partners to have the latest configurations and the newest workarounds. We’ll use Google Analytics to help you:

  • Get more traffic for less money
  • Evaluate your overall site issues
  • Evaluate your site performance (e.g. for your boss and monthly report!)
  • Learn which sections of your site are succeeding and which failing, so that you can get more action from visitors.

We achieve those goals through:

Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller

We’ve been authorized to resell Google Analytics Premium, the top tier of the Google Analytics product line. We’ll help you understand if GA Premium is right for you, and partner with you to get the most out of your implementation.

Google Analytics Certified TrainerGoogle Analytics Certified Trainer

We’ve been certified to train you in Google Analytics. We have trainings in cities around the US where individuals can pay to attend; we go into companies and train their employees, and we even train by webinar, from the comfort of your desk.

Google AdWords Certified PartnerAdWords Authorized Consultant

The days of not knowing which half of your advertising dollars are wasted are gone. With Google AdWords, we can measure exactly what ads visitors are clicking on and from there, which ones are turning into leads, sales, and so forth.

LunaMetrics is a Google AdWords Qualified Company. We have people who can work with you and your pay per click advertising in order to stay within your budget, yet still get you the results that you need. We can:

  • Do a one-time Smart Setup
  • Manage your AdWords account monthly
  • Train you to manage your own AdWords account

Interested in learning more about a company who works so closely with Google? Call us at 412-381-5500 or email us