LunaMetrics GTM Recipe Packs

We've taken some of our original recipes and bundled them into two different packs. New recipes won't be added to these packs, so keep scrolling for the full list!

  • LunaMetrics GA Starter Pack

    Kick off your brand new Google Tag Manager installation with just the Google Analytics essentials.

  • LunaMetrics GA Complete Pack

    Includes all of our recipes to help setup and enhance a GA implementation, including some of our more advanced plugins.

LunaMetrics Google Tag Manager Recipes

Here's our collection of free-to-use Google Tag Manager recipes. Import and merge a recipe into your GTM container and customize to add additional tracking to your site!

  • Contact Link Clicks Recipe

    See how people are contacting you from your website. Automatically tracks clicks on email addresses and telephone numbers.

  • Cookie Management Recipe

    Add tools to your GTM container to help store and remove cookies using data layer pushes.

  • Engagement Timer Recipe

    Adds engagement time tracking to every page on your site and sends events to Google Analytics.

  • File Download Links Recipe

    Start tracking downloads on your site with this quick and easy recipe.

  • Hover Listener Recipe

    Adds a listener to your page that recognizes hovering over designated CSS selectors and pushes that information to the data layer.

  • jQuery AJAX Listener Recipe

    Listens and publishes data about ajax requests into the data layer.

  • Outbound Link Clicks Recipe

    Track clicks on links that point to external domains to better understand what traffic you’re driving to other sites.

  • Page Load Recipe Icon

    Page Load Timing Recipe

    Get a better picture of how long it takes your website to load, page by page, using Google Analytics events.

  • Scroll Tracking Recipe

    Adds automatic scroll tracking to every page on your site.

  • YouTube Tracking Recipe

    Automatically tracks interactions with embedded YouTube videos on your site.

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