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Over many years of working in the Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization space, LunaMetrics has accumulated a wealth of information and resources. We’d like to take this opportunity to share the more useful ones with you.


Regular Expressions for Google Analytics eBook

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools to measure and evaluate websites. The GA team has worked hard to make it easier and more intuitive than ever before – that means that many of you may never need to work with Regular Expressions. However, few people become power users until they learn Regular Expressions, aka “RegEx.” This eBook is for those people.

Getting Started with Custom Alerts eBook

Getting Started with Custom Alerts eBook thumbnailUsing Custom Alerts in Google Analytics can be tricky for someone just getting started. To help you out, we created a step-by-step guide to creating custom alerts in Analytics. Included are two examples of real, actionable intelligence that you can gather from your analytics right now. Check out the book and get started!


Luna Link Rover

luna link rover

Use our Luna Link Rover to visualize SEOmoz metrics — Page Authority, Domain Authority, and External Links — for the URL of your choice. Add a competitor’s URL to see a side-by-side comparison. If you’re interested in building your own web applications using the Mozscape API, you can check out our Mozscape API application tutorial. (PHP is our language of choice.)

Super Set Var

The User Defined Segment Variable in Google Analytics allows us to give each visitor to a site a distinctive label. Member or Non-member, Male or Female, Large or Small. But sometimes you would like to keep track more than one piece of information in GA’s User Defined Segment. Here’s how you do it.

SEO for Beginners

How do the search engines interact with your site? How do they decide how to rank you? How can you make sure your site is compliant with their requirements? Find the answers to all those questions and more in our SEO for beginners article.

Google Analytics Language Codes

Google Analytics has a report under the Audience section called Languages. But, all the languages are abbreviated. Some are easy to understand (en=english, for example), but others, not so easy.

Google Analytics Tutorial Videos

Through videos tutorials we highlight some common questions about how to properly utilize Google Analytics, as well as some of the most frequent mistakes we have encountered in the past.