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Google Analytics Tutorial Videos

The following videos act as an insider’s guide to Google Analytics Training. Learn the tips and tricks of this web analytics interface. What other Google Analytics tutorials would you like to see us create? Let us know so we can help give you a comprehensive understanding of all things Google Analytics. Enjoy the Google Analytics walk throughs we’ve created thus far.

Google Analytics Goal Flow Visualization

Welcome back to Part 2 of the new Google Analytics Flow Visualization reports. This video focuses on the Goal Flow report to show you how to gain insight into your conversion funnel.

Flow Visualization Reports in Google Analytics

See the latest Google Analytics feature – Flow Visualization – in action.

Google Analytics Real-Time

Watch this video of Google Analytics Real-Time in action!

Creating and Managing Custom Segments

A basic how-to guide for creating your own custom advanced segments, including how to copy and share segments across profiles.

Data by the Hour

Check out your hourly data in Google Analytics, and make data-driven decisions for your time-sensitive advertising or email.

Visitor Languages and Location

Learn about your visitors’ languages and geographic location in Google Analytics, in the Visitors reports and beyond.

Data-Driven Site Design

Share Google Analytics data with your website design team, so they can discover and fix current issues, or plan ahead for the development and testing of your site redesign.

How to Create Custom Alerts

Monitor specific segments of data by creating your own custom alerts in the Intelligence feature of Google Analytics. You may also want to check out our companion video, Sharpen Your Focus with Automatic Alerts.

Sharpen Your Focus with Automatic Alerts

Zero in on interesting segments of data using automatic alerts in the Intelligence feature of Google Analytics. You may also want to check out our companion video, How to Create Custom Alerts.

Keywords, Bounce Rates and Landing Pages

Examine your keywords by looking at bounce rates and landing pages at the same time.

Finding Sites that Link to You

How to find sites that link to you and view basic metrics for visits from those sites. You can even see the pages on the websites where the links were posted.

Navigating Through Multiple GA Accounts

How to get your bearings in Google Analytics when navigating through multiple accounts.

Signing into Google Analytics

A simple tutorial on how to log into Google Analytics -how it’s supposed to go, how it can go wrong and then how you recover from not being able to log in.

How to Filter for Non-Branded Keywords

A simple tutorial on how to filter your keyword report in Google Analytics to include only non-branded searches.

How to Find Out What Businesses/Organizations are Visiting Your Site

Want to know who’s visiting your site? Find out how to see what companies and organizations are visiting, how long they’re on your site, where they’re from geographically, what pages they look at, how they get to your site and more. This is especially useful in the B2B sector, for businesses that deal with larger organizations, like universities, hospitals, etc.