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SEO Department at LunaMetrics

The Internet is a big place. Hundreds of millions of registered websites add hundreds of millions of pages each day, providing both an incredible access to information and the burden of sorting it. Luckily, search engines like Google can find answers to most questions with complex algorithms.

Where can I find digital cameras for sale?
What year was Mark Twain born?
Where can I learn about Google Analytics?

The role that search engines play in our lives and the trust that we invest in them is truly amazing, particularly with mobile devices. There is an answer to any question regardless of where or when you ask it.

What is SEO?

Search engines are great, but they are not perfect. They sometimes need help discovering, indexing and adding context to information. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making websites accessible to search engines, connecting content producers with content consumers.

For most businesses and nonprofits, SEO is a competition in the search for relevant information on the Internet. Search engines assemble every organization in an industry to provide consumers with the best product, service or knowledge, but only the most optimized websites are favored to win. If yours is not at the top of the search engine results page, someone else is talking to your potential customers or donors.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to learn more, check out SEO basics guide. We also offer SEO training for those who really want to dive in.

Recent Event: SEO Program for Students and Pittsburgh Nonprofits

Free SEO Training Pittsburgh

LunaMetrics hosted a free SEO program in February for university students in Pittsburgh who wanted to add SEO to their resume. Program participants were paired with small local non-profit organizations that did not have the personnel or resources for advanced online marketing. The organizations received free SEO consulting, the students got free training and LunaMetrics was able to give back to the community and Internet marketing industry. Everybody won.

The response from students and nonprofits has been extremely positive following the training, but the results are still out. If our work leads to better employment opportunities for young professionals and higher search traffic for great local organizations, this might become an annual event. Check back for information about the 2014 edition.

About LunaMetrics

Remember the pep talks from high school athletics coaches about “No ‘I’ in team” and “all for one, one for all” attitudes? We weren’t actually present for most of them—Mathletes are not known to excel in contact sports—but we practice those lessons everyday as Pittsburgh SEO professionals.

SEO clients at LunaMetrics receive support and guidance from an all-star team of search and social analysts with experience ranging from small tech startups to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Clients also gain access to a diverse group of inbound marketers with expertise in paid search, analytics and social media. Everyone at LunaMetrics goes to bat for clients to increase website traffic and conversions.

LunaMetrics offers three SEO packages and a variety of services that address each area of organic online and inbound marketing.

SEO Packages

  • Traffic Restoration Roadmap is for clients who experienced a sudden traffic loss following a website redesign or technical falter.
  • Online Presence Expansion is about more than recovery. These clients hope to expand their online brand from every angle.
  • Social Media Plus is best summarized as analytics-driven social media management that includes an emphasis on SEO and traffic analysis.

SEO Services

  • SEO Technical Audit – A step-by-step roadmap that we’ll use to remediate your website’s technical limitations.
  • Content Strategy – A strategy that outlines the type of content we’ll create, where we’ll house the content, and how it will aid your SEO efforts.
  • Content Creation – We create the content outlined in our Content Strategy and place it strategically to augment your website’s search engine visibility.
  • Link Profile Analysis – An analysis of your website’s current link profile and development of a strategy to build more links.
  • Link Building – We implement our link building strategy, creating and earning online votes for your website.
  • Competitive Analysis – An SEO analysis of your competitors’ websites. It’s great to know where you stand, and you can always learn from your competitors.

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