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Google Analytics Consulting Services

Collecting data is easier than ever: analyzing it for insight is the new challenge marketers face. Google Analytics can provide a snapshot of the past and present, but insight into the future is where its true power lies, and when it comes to turning Google Analytics data into insight, we’re the best. That’s why:

  • We work with large clients like LivingSocial and RoomsToGo
  • Google tapped us to run its Google Analytics Seminars for Success, and we now train marketers in Google Analytics in 13 different cities
  • We have been Google Certified Partners and Google Certified Trainers each year the programs have existed

Google Analytics Auditing
Ensure Your Google Analytics Setup is tracking properly

Confidence in your data is crucial. A full Google Analytics audit finds all of the potential trouble spots in an analytics implementation. We also include a Measurement Strategy, a document outlining how to better utilize Analytics to accomplish the goals you’ve set. The final audit deliverable will outline how to make Google Analytics measure smarter and more accurately than ever before.

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Data Analysis & Support Consulting
Need a Google Analytics Consultant? We can turn your data into actionable insights.

If Google Analytics provides a snapshot of site visitors, we’re experts in increasing the resolution. That’s why PBS tapped us for help when they needed a better understanding of their site traffic. We delivered a customized measurement solution that let PBS executives see all traffic to their digital properties in one place. But we didn’t stop there: using their data, our consultants guided PBS to increase their conversion rate and site traffic by 30%; Google even highlighted our case study. You can read more about it and find other case studies here.

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Data Science
Advanced Analysis and Insights

Big Data and analytics tools transform marketing from an art of intuition into an art of intelligence. Customized solutions can stitch together datasets to unearth astonishing correlations; Google Analytics Premium, coupled with predictive analytics, can determine the value of a customer before they even make a purchase. As consultants, we wear the coats of a scientist, sociologist, and an intelligence operative.

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