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Google Analytics Auditing Services

Knowing that something is wrong and knowing how to fix it are two different things. Without accurate measurement, digital marketing strategy becomes shots in the dark. For a time, this can be acceptable, but you know that misconfigured Google Analytics leaves money on the table. Our Google Analytics audit:

  • Determines the cleanliness of your data and outlines steps to clean it up
  • Outlines a configuration that answers your business questions, not simply measures visits
  • Simplifies the process of drawing insight from your data

The Measurement Strategy
Learn What You Could Be Measuring

Creating a clean implementation of Analytics might simply mean code that it accurately tracks when a visitor reaches your site. However, Google Analytics customizations can gather insight at a much higher resolution. When we start an audit, we collaborate with you on a document called the ‘Measurement Strategy’, which we use to guide the audit itself and our final recommendations. By doing this, we create recommendations that go beyond simply capturing clean data; they help to more efficiently and accurately measure your digital marketing success as a whole.

The Google Analytics Auditing Process
Efficient, Effective Results

Once a measurement strategy has been created, it’s time to review the code. First, the audit focuses on the pain points outlined during the strategy session. Then, we create recommendations on changes and additions to be made to your Google Analytics configuration to answer the business questions you have. These recommendations are packaged into a deliverable which we review with you over the phone to ensure that our instructions are clear, along with a small support contract to cover any issues during implementation.

The Final Deliverable
A Plan For Today & Tomorrow

Our final recommendations are customized to each client, depending on the site, challenges, and configuration needs, but they all deliver the same value: clean data that answers business questions and allows you to draw exponentially more value from your Google Analytics.

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