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The Internet is a big place. Hundreds of millions of registered websites add hundreds of millions of pages each day, providing both incredible access to information and the burden of sorting it.

Luckily, search engines like Google can find answers to most questions with complex algorithms.

The role that search engines play in our lives and the trust that we invest in them is truly amazing, particularly with mobile devices. There is an answer to any question regardless of where or when you ask it.

As searching increases, so does the need to be searchable. LunaMetrics brings to your project years of SEO and PPC experience from the Southside in Pittsburgh, whether we’re crafting long-term strategies or pinpointing issues with your existing setup.

  • Data-Driven Decisions, Bottom-Line Results Learn about our strategies for search success.

    Holistic, Strategic and Sustainable. Search engine marketing is a vital part of your integrated marketing mix that should complement public relations, PPC, UX, branding, market research and more.

    One Size Does Not Fit All. We work closely with clients to understand the market, unique marketing needs, business strengths and weaknesses, and audience. Cookie-cutter SEO is not good marketing.

    Optimize for More than Search Engines. Most of our job is optimizing for search engines to ensure proper crawling and indexing of a website’s content. But we go beyond that – we optimize for search bots and people.

    Revenue > Rankings. Rankings are good, but revenue is better. Every piece of the SEO project works toward broader marketing objectives and bottom-line results.

    Truly Data-Driven. Data is at the core of LunaMetrics. Every search marketing consultant is certified in Google Analytics and trained in a variety of other industry tools that allow for analysis and informed decisions.

  • SEO Management Expand online traffic and conversions.

    Ongoing management relations extend your marketing team and search marketing performance. Projects include strategic planning, guided technical implementation, PPC consulting, continuous analysis and reporting, and sustainable link building strategies.

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  • SEO Auditing Discover hidden issues and opportunities.

    One-time audits act a roadmaps for search marketing success. A typical project includes diagnosis of technical points of failure, strategy outlines, identification of competitor weaknesses, website redesign or migration planning, and performance reporting.

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  • PPC Consulting Make a digital advertising budget more profitable.

    LunaMetrics has trained thousands of digital marketing professionals to maximize return on investment with AdWords, in addition to consulting on enterprise accounts. Apply that knowledge and experience to your marketing plan to quickly increase conversions this year and beyond.

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SEO and SEM Thought Leadership

The best consultants are also thought leaders, acting as trusted guides for the rest of the industry. LunaMetrics takes this coveted responsibility seriously by contributing to the digital marketing community in Pittsburgh and around the world.

Presenting at Digital Marketing Conferences

LunaMetricians routinely speak at prestigious digital marketing conferences around the globe, including SMX Conference, SMX Advanced, eMetrics Summit, SEMPO, and many more.

Popular topics include:

  • Power reporting for SEO and SEM
  • Attribution and conversion optimization
  • The future of sustainable SEO
  • Advanced AdWords tactics
  • Digital marketing automation

Slide decks from select past presentations can be found in the resources section.

Hosting Professional Development Events

LunaMetrics hosts the Pittsburgh SEO/SEM Meetup several times a year, providing a venue for industry discussion and education. Events feature presentations and panels with experts from around the community so professionals can learn from each other. Additionally, these gatherings of digital marketers offer great opportunities for local students to network with potential employers.

The department also finds ways to contribute to nonprofit communities throughout the eastern United States. From formal SEM refreshers to informal happy hours that help nonprofits secure Google ad grants, LunaMetrics continuously embodies its dedication to education and industry advancement.

Training Future SEO Consultants

This industry demands hands-on experience, but it is difficult for students to find formal training despite the demand for search marketing expertise. LunaMetrics confronts that by providing annual Pittsburgh SEO training sessions for students and local nonprofits.

University students and recent graduates apply to receive SEO instruction at the LunaMetrics office followed by guided SEO consulting for Pittsburgh nonprofit organizations. Students receive free training, nonprofits receive free consulting, and the entire community benefits. Over 20 local organizations and 50 students have participated since the program was launched in 2013.

In 2014, the program was led by a search analyst who first met LunaMetrics as a student participant the previous year. After completing the training program, he applied for a summer internship then a full-time position on the LunaMetrics team.

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