Spend money to make money is advertising at its simplest. How much to spend? How much to make? Those are far more complex.

LunaMetrics has helped thousands digital marketers answer similar questions while maximizing conversions and return on investment through both AdWords training and consulting. Whether you sell $2 widgets or $2 million services, LunaMetrics has the advanced knowledge and industry experience to help you accomplish your digital advertising goals.

Consulting projects are most often designed around the following services:

  • AdWords Auditing Upgrade account performance and revenue.

    A slow, methodical guess-and-check AdWords strategy is not fast enough for most companies — you need a better return on investment today, not a year from today. Account audits are expedited projects that rely on the speed and expertise of an entire search marketing team to optimize campaigns toward company goals. We know it can be chaotic when an agency contract ends, a new product launches, or a team member leaves. The audit is the best and fastest way to react to changes in the industry, aggressive competitors, or a change in account management.

    AdWords audits are often paired with SEO audits, providing a complete analysis of your search marketing tactics.

  • Paid Search Strategy Enhance a marketing plan with advanced SEM strategy.

    Building an account and managing it from day to day is relatively easy. Designing an industry-leading strategy is far more complex. Strategic projects combine account auditing and competitive analysis with guided implementation and team education, heightening overall digital strategy and the team who manages it.

    This is ideal for companies without a specialized search marketing team or those looking to invest more in digital.

  • Agency Consulting Super-charge your agency’s SEM offering.

    Agencies partner with LunaMetrics in several ways to offer additional SEM services to existing or potential clients. Account audits and strategic plans are popular because they create roadmaps for internal project managers. Following a clear path paved by LunaMetrics, for either search or display campaigns, generates a tremendous return on investment for clients while removing the guesswork and upfront time investment. Your clients get immediate results and you get happy clients.

    LunaMetrics also offers private agency training sessions to strengthen internal digital advertising knowledge and expertise. Learn more on the custom training page.

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