At LunaMetrics, we combine sustainable tactics with long-term vision to deliver search engine optimization consultation that leads to sustained, lasting growth. Our commitment to creating inbound marketing strategies that foster search engine traffic, not manipulate it, has been rewarded more and more with each algorithm update. That’s why in 2012, while the Panda and Penguin updates shook up the search results, our clients saw an average increase of organic non-branded traffic of 106%.

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  • Unlock Uncrawled Assets Is your entire site being indexed?

    Search engines are limited in how they can understand the content of your site: they really can only see text and html. We know how to structure and write content that search engines naturally and easily can crawl and understand, and we’re pretty good at helping them gain a general understanding of things they can’t crawl, too. Think you might have content on your site that isn’t being indexed? Contact us and we’ll take a look!

    Case Study: MAXIM Magazine

  • Get Active Risk Advising Even seemingly-cosmetic changes can be harmful.

    Changes to the URLs of pages, shutting down and redirecting old content, and even adjustments to the names of pages can have serious impact on how well Google and other search engines can crawl a site. Unfortunately, most of these changes happen before SEO is considered, and businesses lose valuable traffic and ground in the search results. As part of our search engine optimization consulting services, we audit your site for any technical issues that might hamper a search engines ability to crawl your content. After we’ve discovered and corrected issues that exist, we work with you and your data to develop a long-term inbound marketing strategy that will safeguard against future drops in traffic and drive conversions from your site.

    Case Study: Sherpa Software

  • Enjoy Sustainable Growth Create a long-term strategy for long-term growth.

    Our clients get consistent, amazing results because of our commitment to only employ tactics that search engines approve of. Because of this, our clients tend to enjoy search traffic growth that accelerates, not plateaus, as algorithm updates crack down on manipulative SEO tactics and reward websites with great content. The measures we help our clients implement accrue value over time as well, meaning that simple changes now will reap great rewards in the future.

    Case Study: Thermaxx

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