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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating an online presence that is accessible by search engines and amplified to potential consumers around the web. Over the past year, aggressive algorithm updates have shaken the SEO community. Many familiar brands, JCPenney and OverStock.com included, are learning that unsustainable shortcuts are no longer worth the risk. During the same time period, LunaMetrics’ SEO clients enjoyed double their non-branded organic traffic, on average, proving that what’s successful can also be sustainable. Our tactics and strategies reap the rewards of algorithm changes, not the wrath. That’s why:

  • Established businesses like Maxim Magazine retain us as their search engine optimization consultants
  • Our campaign KPIs are tied to goals that demonstrate return on investment, not superficial metrics
  • Our monthly reporting prioritizes bottom-line conversion impact over rankings or traffic gains


SEO Auditing
Discover Hidden Opportunities & Problem Spots

Search engine optimization opportunities exist in every facet of a website. An SEO Audit is a roadmap to capitalizing on those opportunities. Our deliverables are written in detailed, straight-forward language, with careful explanations of technical elements and recommendations prioritized by importance and difficulty. We walk through each page of the final Audit with you, further explaining key concepts and answering questions. These deliverables are perfect to:

  • Help recover lost search traffic after a site redesign or domain change
  • Prevent traffic loss before a large-scale site content migration
  • Maximize the search value of your site, for visitors and for robots

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Search Engine Optimization
Get More Traffic & Conversion

Search engines, now more than ever, have become trusted consultants, day-to-day guides, and confidants. When we need something, we no longer simply ask around – anywhere, anytime, we google it. And search engines have gotten better at catering to our demands. Personalization, mobile experiences, and physical location are just a few of the emerging factors now sculpting more relevant search results. LunaMetrics has emerged as an SEO consultancy with powerful insights into translating uncrawled assets into index-able experiences. Our approach is simple: we combine sustainable tactics with long-term strategy. Our results speak for themselves: during 2012, while major algorithm updates shook the fabric of the web, our clients saw an average increase of non-branded organic traffic of 106%.
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SEO for Enterprise
Search Engine Optimization for Competitive Verticals

Enterprises face unique SEO challenges. A business doesn’t scale without a healthy market, and healthy is synonymous with competitive. Making an impact in competitive verticals takes more than just SEO; it takes uncommon insight. Insight like how a public relations campaign can also yield a rich vein of valuable links; insight like how the oldest trick in your marketing book might also be the newest; insight like how conversion rate optimization is also search engine optimization in disguise. We combine this insight with our diverse skillset and resources to make campaigns that generate results that would make most agencies blush.
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