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Usability & Conversion Consulting Services

Attracting potential customers is only half of your responsibility. Converting them is the other half. LunaMetrics achieves both with conversion optimization consulting and user experience testing.

Website testing answers questions that directly influence the bottom line so websites generate as much revenue as possible.

  • Are there any obstacles between visitors and goals?
  • Is architecture affecting performance?
  • How can micro conversions lead to more macro conversions?

LunaMetrics has performed testing and analysis exercises at the highest level, including landing page testing for lead generation companies, cart abandonment for e-commerce websites, and increasing pageviews for publishers.

Whether informing an upcoming website redesign or ensuring that the current website reaches its full potential, work with LunaMetrics to maximize customer conversions and company revenue.

  • Usability Testing Understand Your Audience and How They Convert

    Technology has made user testing more accessible, but interpretation still requires an expert eye. Your organization can rely on the knowledge and experience of LunaMetrics to both perform usability testing then analyze results and provide clear, concise recommendations.

    Usability testing is ideal for new product launches and website redesigns so your company gets it right the first time. There is nothing quite so eye-opening as hearing a user say, “Huh? What did they mean by this?” It’s also an excellent way to learn about what your company needs to A/B test (see below). Finally, when you don’t have enough traffic to do A/B testing, usability testing still gives you a window into what your customers would prefer and how to offer it.

  • UX & Conversion Optimization Turn Visitors into Customers

    Boosting your online revenue or leads generally relies on two or three variables: traffic volume and conversion rate, and in the case of ecommerce, average order value. You can increase the volume of visitors (think search engine marketing), convert existing visitors at a higher rate, or convince them to spend more money. Conversion optimization focuses on converting visitors at a higher rate, typically running A/B tests to maximize revenue.

    Clients often complement usability studies with conversion optimization to test hypotheses and quickly increase conversion rates.

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