Digital Marketing Training Courses

At LunaMetrics we’re genuinely passionate about what we do. This makes us ideal consultants, but it also makes us fantastic trainers. We like nothing better than to educate people and allow them to make informed decisions that will help their online presences. We offer several different training courses for a number of digital marketing areas:

  • Google Analytics Seminars

    Is your company having the familiar “so much data, so little insight” problem? At our Google Analytics trainings, we’ll dig in and explore ways to use Google Analytics to gather more meaningful data, analyze it better and make your website perform. From basic definitions to assisting with the Universal Analytics upgrade, we've got you covered.

  • Google AdWords Training

    Whether you need help setting up AdWords or you just need some advice on how to optimize a pre-existing campaign, we have a training option for you. We specialize in AdWords seminars that will cover the basics of paid search, while incorporating relevant examples from seminar participants, and encouraging strategies for sustained growth.

  • Google Tag Manager Workshops

    Learn the ins and outs of Google Tag Manager in this full-day hands-on workshop geared towards both Web Marketers and Website Professionals. For those that "learn by doing," come and complete an actual site implementation in our custom sandbox environment!

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