Google AdWords Trainings

Whether you’re looking to set up PPC campaigns and don’t know where to start, or looking for clarity when it comes to your existing campaigns, let us train you in Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google AdWords) best practices.

Our tips, tricks and techniques will help optimize your efforts by giving you real-life examples from companies of all sizes, ultimately showing how to coordinate your message and achieve your PPC and Online Marketing goals.

AdWords 101

Introduction to PPC

What is Google AdWords and where are PPC ads eligible to appear? How does AdWords work and what are the pros and cons of search engine advertising? We answer these questions and more as we build a foundation for the rest of the day’s training material.

What is PPC Anyway?

We get you started by first understanding the very basics of pay-per-click marketing. We answer the important questions like: What is the goal of PPC? Where are my ads displayed? And, what are the risks and rewards?

Account Navigation & Organization

Before diving into the nitty, gritty world of keywords, best practices and strategy, it is essential to become familiar with your tools. In this section we navigate through AdWords features looking at account-level settings, key metrics and campaign organization at the most basic of levels.

Understanding Quality Score

Quality score and ad rank are likely the least understood element of Google AdWords is quality score. We introduce these concepts earlier as the rest of the day’s discussion will revolve around following best practices to help improve your overall ad quality.

Choosing the Right Keywords

The core of your search campaigns rely on effective keyword research and targeting. You will learn how to assess your audience, select the proper match types and use tools, like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and search term reports, to build a list of quality keywords. We also discuss how to organize these keywords into relevant Ad Groups for your PPC campaigns.

Writing Effective Ad Copy

Writing AdWords ads is often the most challenging part of the process. Learn policies, best practices and the little known “tricks of the trade” that can help take a really good ad and make it a really great ad. We will also review ad testing and how to select the best landing pages for your keywords.

Using Ad Extensions

How your ads appear in the search results goes beyond just keywords and copy. We will introduce you to the wonderful world of ad extensions – sitelinks, call extensions, and many, many more. We will discuss use cases for each and if they are a good fit in your overall strategy.

Understanding Campaign Settings

Not to be ignored, AdWords campaign settings can make or break performance. You will get an overview of the settings available in your campaigns from bidding options to geo-targeting and more. We’ll also look at common mistakes and how you can avoid making them yourself.

Tracking Success Metrics

We’ll get you started on the path to success by reviewing how to attribute important website interactions back to your AdWords campaigns. You will learn about which goals can be track and which options make sense for your account, including AdWords conversion tracking and Google Analytics goals.

Managing Your Brand

Segmenting branded search from generic search to maintain presence in the search engine is one of the most fundamental strategies one can implement in their account. You will learn what results to expect and how to achieve with a review of this account strategy.

Reporting & Decision Making

Use your reports to make decisions in your account. What happens when we pause keywords, edit our bids, or reallocate budgets? We will explore the reports that matter most and may even work with your accounts, audience willing, to demonstrate how to turn analysis into action using real-life examples.

AdWords 201

Advanced Campaign Optimization

Take geo-targeting, ad scheduling, and keyword strategies to the next level. Learn how intuitive campaign segmentation and organization affects your ad message, budgets, and, ultimately, your bottom-line.

Workflow Management

We will be the first ones to tell you that managing a Google AdWords accounts isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. See how to take advantage of little known features like the Shared Library, Automated Rules, and more to make your day-to-day processes run smoothly.

Advanced Conversion Reports

Attribute credit where credit is due. We will look at Search Funnels in Google AdWords to help you understand what the primary influencers are in your account. We might even dip our toes into Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel reports to provide additional insight into how your Google AdWords campaigns work within your overall digital marketing strategy.

Introducing the Google Display Network

It’s not always about search! This complete overview of the GDN introduces attendees to display ad best practices, targeting options, and a host of features and tools dedicated entirely to Google’s content network.

Remarketing Implementation & Strategy

We will get you started with Google AdWords Remarketing by outlining your implementation options. More importantly, we will help you take advantage of this powerful targeting option by helping to develop a strategy that ensures your ads reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Latest Tools & Features

With over 200 updates in the past year, one thing with Google AdWords is always true: It’s bound to change. In our closing section of the day we will cover the latest tools and features available to advertisers.

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