Google AdWords Seminars

Whether you’re looking to set up PPC campaigns and don’t know where to start, or looking for clarity when it comes to your existing campaigns, let us train you in Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google AdWords) best practices.

Our tips, tricks and techniques will help optimize your efforts by giving you real-life examples from companies of all sizes, ultimately showing how to coordinate your message and achieve your PPC and Online Marketing goals.

Google AdWords 101

Intended for beginner to intermediate Google AdWords users, AdWords 101 introduces pay-per-click managers to search engine advertising basics and more. We focus on AdWords optimization by detailing the features of your account, demonstrating effective campaign structure, and focusing on decision-making and account management.

Introduction to PPC

What is Google AdWords and where are PPC ads eligible to appear? How does AdWords work and what are the pros and cons of search engine advertising? We answer these questions and more as we build a foundation for the rest of the day’s training material.

AdWords Basics: Structure & Metrics

Before diving into keywords, best practices and strategy, it is essential to become familiar with your tools. In this section we navigate through AdWords features looking at account-level settings, key metrics and campaign organization at its most basic level.

Keyword Research

The core of your search campaigns rely on effective keyword research and targeting. You will learn how to assess your audience, select the proper match types and use tools, like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and search term reports, to build a list of quality keywords. We also discuss how to organize these keywords into relevant Ad Groups for your PPC campaigns.

Ad Copy Best Practices

Writing AdWords ads can often be the most challenging part of the process. See what makes the best AdWords ads for your search campaigns by learning policies, best practices and the little known “tricks of the trade.” We also review ad testing and how to select the best landing pages for your keywords.

Understanding Campaign Settings

Not to be ignored, AdWords campaign settings can make or break performance. We will provide an overview of each of the pay-per-click campaign settings available in your account from bidding options to geo-targeting. We discuss how you can use campaign settings to deliver your ads to the right audience at the right time using them to improve overall campaign performance.

Basic Campaign Strategy

Want to understand how to generate more leads, build brand awareness, or retain your customers? Learn how to form basic AdWords strategies that focus on the conversion funnel by arranging your keywords, ads and landing pages together in cohesive, complete campaigns.

Understanding Quality Score

Probably the least understood element of Google AdWords is quality score. Learn what it is and how it affects your ad rank. The lessons we have talked about throughout the day all come back together here as we discuss how to improve quality score.

Putting Your Lessons to Work

The work we have done throughout the day comes together here as we actually demonstrate how to build an effective Google AdWords campaign structure in the user interface and with several other management tools.

Conversion Tracking & Measuring Success

Learn to track your AdWords advertising goals by setting up and enabling conversion tracking. We review a variety of methods using the built-in conversion tracking or by linking your account to Google Analytics for even more insight into your campaign performance.

Basic Reporting & Decision Making

See how to use your reports to make decisions in your account like pausing and activating keywords, bid management, and how to allocate your AdWords cost across campaigns. We will also explore AdWords features within the interface to help dive into the parts of your account that matter most, making reporting and decisions making easier at the account management level.

Google AdWords 201

Search Network vs. Display Network

It’s essential to understand the differences between the Search Network and the Display Network, and when to use each to reach your goals.

Ad Extensions

The more real estate your brand can capture on the search engine result page the better. Learn how to include locations, phone numbers, or additional links within your PPC ads in order to draw in more customers.


Many times advertisers only want to their Paid Search ads to show in certain geographical areas where they do business, or want to ensure ads do not show up where they don’t do business.  Geo-targeting solves those problems by ensuring you reach where you need to.


Are there times of the day your campaigns experience strong conversion rates, and times when you’d like to limit your Paid Search coverage due to low conversion rates?  Learn how to turn ads off and on based on time of day, or lower maximum cost-per-click bids based on certain conditions.

Automated Rules

Thankfully, Google has provided us with multiple tools that allow us to set rules to make automatic changes to our campaigns, making account management easier and more efficient.

Advanced Reporting

Many reporting techniques are available to evaluate the performance of your campaigns, which all advertisers should use in order to make PPC optimizations.

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