Google Tag Manager: Hands-On Workshop

google tag manager

Workshop Description:

google partnerLearn the ins and outs of Google Tag Manager in this full-day hands-on workshop geared towards both Web Marketers and Website Professionals. This unique session is designed to introduce Google Tag Manager in a collaborative environment with limited seating.

Attendees can expect to learn about: Google Tag Manager and use cases; Tags, Rules, Macros; Auto-Event Listeners; technical aspects related to the data layer; and much more! Each attendee will use a sandbox environment to implement Google Analytics on a test site, as well as add custom event tracking to pages, experiment with new concepts, and much more. Bring real questions about your own website to discuss and troubleshoot!

LunaMetrics is a Google Certified Partner listed on the Google Tag Manager partners page.

Find a Training Near You!

With such a positive reception, we’ve now expanded all of our trainings to also include the Google Tag Manager Workshop. Check out our training locations to find our next training in your area.

Who Should Attend:

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Analysts new to the Google Tag Manager, who are seeking to understand more about it
  • GTM Implementation Specialists who have been tasked to deploy or migrate to Universal Analytics


  • No Google Tag Manager experience is required.
  • A general knowledge of HTML and Javascript will be helpful, but is not required.
  • Participants should bring their own wi-fi laptop

About Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is a free product that allows you to add and control elements and scripts (called Tags) loaded onto your webpage, through an intuitive user interface. With robust debugging and versioning, Google Tag Manager allows you to easily and quickly launch or modify existing Tags without any change to the website itself. Perfect for Marketers and IT Professionals, Google Tag Manager can be added to each page on your site with one small piece of code. Click here for more information.

Google Tag Manager Version 2

On October 15, Google announced a new version of Google Tag Manager that is currently in beta. Our training will cover both the old and new versions, with extra time spent discussing the differences between the two! For some of the changes, here are 6 Things You Need to Know.

Workshop Topics:

1. What is Google Tag Manager?

Learn more about tag management systems in general, Google Tag Manager implementation strategy, and the benefits of Google Tag Manager.
Read a related blog post here

2. What is the dataLayer?

What is it and why is it important? See how developers can use a well-formed dataLayer to make information available for use inside of Google Tag Manager. Read a related blog post here.

3. Tags, Rules, and Macros, oh my!

Learn these three important concepts inside of Google Tag Manager and how they interact with each other. We’ll create Tags, Rules (Triggers) and Macros (Variables) that are extensible and easy to maintain.

4. Built-In Tags

Learn how to easily connect Google Tag Manager to Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Ecommerce tracking, jQuery and more!

5. Google Tag Manager Listeners

Learn how to use the Form Submit Listener, Link Click Listener, and Click Listener to automatically fire tags when actions occur on your site, like PDF downloads or contact form completions. No website code changes required! Read a related blog post here.

6. Capabilities & Limitations

These days everything is custom-built with its own custom-problems. Learn the best site layout practices for when you can make changes to your website, as well outside-the-box solutions for when you can’t.

Any Questions:

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us!