Google Analytics, AdWords, & Tag Manager Trainings in San Francisco, CA

Registration for our 2014 Google Analytics trainings in San Francisco are open!

Upcoming Training Dates

— August 11 – August 15 —
San Francisco, CA

Google Analytics Certified Trainer

We are offering three days of Google Analytics training. LunaMetrics is a Google Analytics Certified Trainer that has hosted years’ worth of successful trainings.

We are also offering a full-day, limited seating Google Tag Manager Workshop!

Seminar Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Google Analytics 101
Course Description
Google Analytics 201
Course Description
Google Analytics 301
Course Description
Google AdWords 101
Course Description
Google Tag Manager Workshop
Course Description
Google AdWords 201
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Each seminar runs a full day, from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM, and only runs once per week, so plan accordingly and expect to learn a lot.

Hotel Information

Training attendees may be eligible for a special rate at the COVA Hotel, depending on availability. For details, please call Joyce at (415) 771-3000 ext: 1127

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Trainer

Jon Meck
Jon Meck is a Digital Analytics Engineer working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. He is an Excel enthusiast and strong proponent of the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” mantra. He has a history of working with web technologies for companies large and small. Outside of work, Jon enjoys late nights working on pet projects, running races, and spending time with his family.

Google AdWords Trainer

stephen kapusta
Stephen Kapusta is a Senior Paid Search Analyst who is drawn to search engine marketing on account of his interest in consumer behavior and propensity for all things digital. His infatuation with paid search thrives on unlocking the mystery behind search intent, then using that knowledge in conjunction with his background in promotional writing and landing page optimization to complete advertising goals. Fun facts: Stephen is an avid fisherman, a disc golf enthusiast, and a craftsman.

Testimonials From Past Attendees

Regarding Stephen About our Trainers About a San Francisco Training

“I am a “self-taught” beginner so I wish I had received this training prior to ‘teaching myself.” However, this was a clear, concise and relevant training which examined real examples and gave insights into some best practices.”

“I think the level of info provided was great. Alex was more than willing to answer any questions that may not have been covered by the coursework.”

“The one on one help was beneficial. All my questions were answered. The instructor took time when help was needed, which helped a lot.”


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