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Split Testing & Google Website Optimizer (Content Experiments)

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Think about your website — would it be better to have the form at the top of the sidebar or the bottom? How about the pictures; should they be slightly larger? Does free shipping pay for itself? Red buttons, green buttons, what about different buttons for every page?

Google Analytics Content Experiments

Google Analytics Content Experiments, formerly Google Website Optimizer, is a free solution that provides a  scientific answer – it won’t be subject to the changes in the economy, seasonality or competitive landscape that “before and after” tests have to deal with. Content Experiments will tell you which design converts better, and the data are based on real usage and statistics.

How does Google Analytics Content Experiments work?

Content Experiments use something called Split (also known as A/B) testing. Split testing is straightforward – you create alternate pages to the page you are testing, and the software serves up the alternates randomly to visitors.  It tells you when one of the pages is a winner.