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Website User Testing

Do you look at your analytics and wonder why your landing pages have a 60% bounce rates? Are users clicking through to internal pages of the site? Is your web copy effective and engaging? Is there too much? Too little?

User Experience Audit with Usability Testing

Not sure how to increase conversion? Our multifaceted audit enables you to make intelligent, educated decisions using honest commentary from new users and our own years of experience in usability. We’ll help you figure out what it all means build a plan of action for you.

Our Usability Testing Methods

We utilize a number of methods in our user experience audit as well as our a la carte offerings:

    • 10-15 minute Test with Users

Get personalized, actionable insight from actual users in your target demographic. They will navigate through your site, answering the questions and doing the tasks we’ve set out for them. We’ll help you decide which questions to ask, and you’ll reap the benefits of their detailed answers.

    • Heat Mapping

See exactly what areas of your site attract the most attention. We’ll help you analyze unexpected results and explain the resulting reports.

    • Surveying Users

We specialize in surveys that don’t disrupt the user experience. We’ll figure out what questions to ask so that you get the most out of your survey.

    • Five Second Tests

Users give a landing page about five seconds before they decide to stay or leave. Learn if you are showing just the right information in those five seconds.

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