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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising gives you the opportunity to directly affect your rankings. The searcher types your keyword into the search engine. A page of responses comes back – including your pay per click ad prominently placed in front of thousands of eyes.

Now comes the moment of truth: Will the searcher click on your ad or will s/he choose a better match – one that uses all his search terms in the headline, one that addresses exactly what he needs? Will it be a net gain for you?

Pay per click optimization is about keywords – and more. It’s about placement, compelling copy, landing pages, and testing.

We Help Manage Your Pay Per Click Campaign by

  • Choose a daily spending budget.
  • Write text advertisements
  • Choose the appropriate landing page from your site, or better yet, designing ad-specific landing pages
  • Select a price per click that is aimed to get you into the right pay per click placement
  • Measure the conversions

Our Pay Per Click Consultation Packages Vary to Fit Your Budget.

We can:

  • Do a one-time Smart Setup for you
  • Manage your campaigns every month
  • Teach you to manage your campaigns

Interested in managing your paid search (PPC) better? Call us at 412-381-5500 or email us Or, learn more about what pay per click really is.